Kim Jung Hyun to Apologize to Cast and Crew of K-Drama ‘Time’ + Fans Stand behind the Actor after Leaving O& Entertainment

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After officially leaving his agency, O& Entertainment, Kim Jung Hyun is set to make amends to the cast and crew of the Korean drama, "Time."

In a new report cited by MK Sports, the 31-year-old actor is scheduled to meet the team of the JTBC drama to express his apologies regarding the incident.

Unfortunately, the "Mr. Queen" star reportedly raised the "physical part," which was his concern due to the surging health crisis.

However, he will write letters to people whom he won't be able to meet personally, adding, "I'm trying to complete it even if it takes a long time."

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Kim Jung Hyun Ends his Exclusive Contract with O& Entertainment

To recall, the "Crash Landing on You" actor recently announced his exit to his agency as his exclusive contract with O& Entertainment has officially expired dated May 12.

Kim Jung Hyun
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His side accused his now-former agency of spreading false rumors that put his image in a bad light.

In an official statement, Kim Jung Hyun's camp pointed out that the actor kept silent amid the controversy to prevent further dispute.

In addition, the representative also highlighted that the 31-year-old celebrity tried to resolve "management issues" despite "having many unfair circumstances."

With this, his team has decided "that the agency and its parent company no longer have the intention to negotiate, and we would like to restore Kim Jung Hyun's fallen honor and rectify factual errors with YUL Law Firm."

As for his previous issue with the Korean drama "Time," Kim Jung Hyun's legal representative cited that the actor expressed his utmost apologies to the PD and the whole team as he felt guilty for abandoning the MBC drama.

However, his silence has prompted O& Entertainment to take advantage of the situation and started to spread false information that caused his reputation to suffer.

In the official statement, his representative also mentioned that he would take legal action and not overlook any defamation against Kim Jung Hyun.

Fans Stood Behind Kim Jung Hyun's Decision Not to Renew His Contract

After his official exit to O& Entertainment, netizens rallied behind the actor and expressed their support over social media, hence the hashtag #support_you_kimjunghyun.

  Meanwhile, some cited how they can relate to the actor and congratulated him for putting his well-being first.

On the other hand, an individual is hopeful that the "School 2017" star will receive "forgiveness and a second chance."

What Sparked Kim Jung Hyun's Controversy

2021 has been quite a tough start for Kim Jung Hyun after he was hounded by allegations regarding his harsh treatment towards his "Time" co-star Girls' Generation's Seohyun.

In addition, his former girlfriend Seo Ye Ji was also dragged into the issue and named as the mastermind behind Kim Jung Hyun's controversy.

It came after Korean outlet Dispatch revealed the duo's conversation, noting that the "It's Okay to Not Be Okay" manipulated the actor.

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