Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun, Ma Dong Seok, and Lee David Confirmed to Lead the Upcoming Film ‘The Holy Night: Demon Hunters’

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The upcoming movie "The Holy Night: Demon Hunters" has completed its lineup of cast starring Girls' Generation's Seohyun, Ma Dong Seok, and Lee David.

In a press release, the film production team confirmed that the trio would join Kyung Soo Jin and Jung Ji So as the lead cast members of the action fantasy movie.

Get to Know "The Holy Night: Demon Hunters" Characters

Prior to this, the forthcoming film has been receiving massive attention due to its unique and fresh combination of cast and intriguing storyline.

Although the production team did not disclose the target date premiere, multiple reports cited that the new K-movie began its shooting session on June 28.

"Holy Night: Demon Hunters: is said to be an occult action film that follows the story of a group called "holy night" whose primary goal is to hunt and fight the evil spirits.

The "Train to Busan" star is set to take on the role of the powerful dark fighter who battles mysterious creatures and demons with his impeccable strength.

Meanwhile, the Girl's Generation member, whose real name is Seo Ju Hyun, will be one of the pillars of the holy night group.

The KPop star and actress will portray the character of Sharon, who can track demons and perform exorcisms.

Interestingly, the 30-year-old beauty expressed how "honored" she was to be part of the upcoming film and play the role of Sharon.

"The Holy Night: Demon Hunters. It's an honor to be with you as Sharon. Please look forward to the movie," Seohyun's Instagram caption reads, followed by a photo featuring the five main casts.

On the other hand, Lee David, who recently starred in the hit crime drama "Law School" will be Seohyun's right hand to help her carry out the exorcism practices.

In the upcoming K-movie, the 27-year-old actor's role is described as the "mood maker" of the group.

Meanwhile, joining the team is the "Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo" actress Kyung Soo Jin.

She will take on the role of a neuropsychiatry doctor named Jung Won, who sought out the help of the holy night team in hopes of saving her sister.

Capping off the five main cast is Jung Ji So will act as Jung Won's younger sister, Eun Seo, who is suffering from strange symptoms and believes that a devil was trapped inside her body.

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Ma Dong Seok, Lee David, and Girls' Generation Seohyun's Upcoming Projects

Apart from the intriguing K-movie "The Holy Night: Demon Hunters," Ma Dong Seok has several projects lined up this coming year.

The 50-year-old Korean-American actor is set to appear in the upcoming Marvel movie "The Eternals" alongside Angelina Jolie, Kit Harington, Salma Hayek, Gemma Chan, and more.

As for Lee David, he recently wrapped up a thriller-horror movie, "The Hypnosis" opposite Berry Good's Johyun.

Meanwhile, another "The Holy Night: Demon Hunters" cast who is booked and busy this 2021 is none other than Girls' Generation's Seohyun.

Following the confirmation of her new film, the singer-actress is set to appear in a webtoon-based movie "Moral Sense" together with Lee Jun Young.

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