‘Escape from Mogadishu’ Starring Jo In Sung and Kim Yoon Seok Unveils its First Behind-The-Scenes Video

Escape From Mogadishu
Jo In Sung
Kim Yoon Seok
Escape From Mogadishu behind the scenes

The new forthcoming K-Movie "Escape from Mogadishu," which is scheduled to premiere on July 28, has unveiled its first behind-the-scenes video.

Lotte Entertainment Drops Short Documentary Film Format BTS of the Movie Escape from Mogadishu

The action-suspense film "Escape from Mogadishu" is based on real events and is set during the Somali Civil War that occurred in 1991. The story depicts the details of dangerous escape attempts made by the isolated people who were stuck during the war.

Escape from Mongadishu
(Photo : Lotte Entertainment Movie Instagram)

Film distributor Lotte Entertainment generously shared on their official YouTube channel the behind the lens video of the much-awaited Korean movie "Escape from Mogadishu." It has been said that the video have three parts in the format of three short documentary films.

Escape from Mongadishu
(Photo : Lotte Entertainment Movie Instagram)

"Motive" is the title of the first part, where it will directly show what the story concept of the film is all about. Second is the "Mogadishu," a video that covers all the filming locations used in the movie. And lastly, the third part will give a sneak peek of all the casts and their teamwork on and off the camera.

Spoilers and Sneak Peek to the Production of Escape from Mogadishu

For the first part "Motive" the casts look back on their experiences while filming the project and discuss their first impressions upon the first day they've met during the script reading. Actor Koo Gyu Hwan shared that he can't wait to watch the movie. Meanwhile, brilliant actor Kim Yoon Seok remarked, "Escape from Mogadishu is a film that has it all, from the characters, goals, to spell-binding scenes. Each of these play a very crucial role in the movie."

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Escape from Mongadishu Poster
(Photo : Lotte Entertainment Movie Instagram)

In the second series of the documentary, "Mogadishu," the clips share how a significant part of filming took place in Morocco. The video also involves their four months filming journey in Essaouira. And for the last part, "Actors" includes the ensemble of casts and the artists who just worked together for the first time.

"Escape from Mogadishu" cast is composed of Kim Yoon Seok, Jo In Sung, Heo Jun Ho, Jeong Man Sik, Kim Jae Hwa, "My Roommate is a Gumiho" star Park Kyung Hye, and Koo Gyo Hwan.

The cast also had their first press conference ahead of the movie's release, where they answered various questions from the press and gave some spoilers on what to look forward to in the "Escape from Mogadishu."

The new exciting K-Movie is about to hit the cinemas this coming July 28.

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Watch the Behind-the-Scene Video Here!

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