Kim Seon Ho Net Worth 2021: How Rich Now is the ‘Start-Up’ Actor after Stealing the Spotlight in the K-Industry

Kim Seon Ho
Kim Seon Ho 2021
Kim Seon Ho Net Worth 2021
Hometown ChaChaCha
Hometown Cha Cha Cha
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Making his name in the industry where he dreamt of dominating, Korean heartthrob and actor Kim Seon Ho has been stealing every fangirls' heart for his simple but breathtaking charisma.

Kim Seon Ho as a K-Drama Scene-Stealer

Who wouldn't fall for Kim Seon Ho's charms? Since he played the role of Han Ji Pyeong in the 2020 drama "Start-Up," many were already hooked up with his warm and brave character. He was even dubbed as "Good Boy" by the fans, but above all, Kim Seon Ho gave the biggest second lead syndrome among the local and international K-drama enthusiasts.

Kim Seon Ho Net Worth 2021
(Photo : Salt Entertainment's Official Instagram)
Kim Seon Ho Net Worth 2021

Han Ji Pyeong may not get the woman he loved, but he still won the viewers' hearts. Kim Seon Ho has been garnering a lot of attention worldwide for his drama stint in "Start-Up." And since then, Seon Ho has been able to do various online fan meetings for his international fans.

Kim Seon Ho - Hometown Cha Cha Cha New Still
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Kim Seon Ho is an outstanding young actor who has been active in the Korean entertainment industry for almost a decade and has finally got to see the fruit of his hard work.

Through his stellar and immersive acting performances, Kim Seon Ho is also building his name in variety shows, plus, he also has a sweet and captivating voice.

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How Much Does Kim Seon Ho Earn Since He Rose to Stardom?

After getting smaller roles, Kim Seon Ho is now capable of leading various drama projects, for he is becoming in demand in the entertainment industry. And through the years of being consistent in pursuing his goals, the "Start-Up" actor has been working non-stop, but how much does he earn right now?

Kim Seon Ho Net Worth 2021
(Photo : Salt Entertainment's Official Instagram)
Kim Seon Ho Net Worth 2021

According to tv show stars, Kim Seon Ho has an estimated net worth ranging from 1 million to 5 million US Dollars. But since he has been packed with lots of projects and shooting schedules, Kim Seon Ho's net worth is expected to rise.

Kim Seon Ho
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Not to mention that he will be having again his lead drama role in tvN's new romantic series "Hometown Cha Cha Cha." In fact, Kim Seon Ho is currently in the middle of working on the drama alongside actress Shin Min Ah.

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Kim Seon Ho is also in demand when it comes to brands, his ranking in the brand reputation has increased.

Kim Seon Ho
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The remaining months of 2021 would be fast but impactful for the actor. In addition, Kim Seon Ho also won the TikTok Popularity Award at the recent 57th Baeksang Arts Awards 2021.

What can you say about the continued success that Kim Seon Ho is receiving right now? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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