Park Byung Eun and Kim Hyo Jin Engage in a Complicated Relationship in Upcoming Melodrama ‘Lost’ with Jeon Do Yeon and Ryu Jun Yeol

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(Photo : JTBC)

The upcoming melodrama series "Lost" (also known as "Human Disqualification" or "No Longer Human") is JTBC's 10th Anniversary Special Project that stars "The Good Wife" actress Jeon Do Yeon and "Reply 1988" actor Ryu Jun Yeol.

On August 23, "Lost" released new still cuts of the drama series featuring the tough and clandestine relationship between "Because This Is My First Life" actor Park Byung Eun and "In My End Is My Beginning" actress Kim Hyo Jin.

Park Byung Eun and Kim Hyo Jin To Potentially Commit Infidelity in Melodrama 'Lost'

Actors Park Byung Eun and Kim Hyo Jin are entangled in a tough and hidden relationship in JTBC's new drama series "Lost" with lead actors Jeon Do Yeon and Ryu Jun Yeol.

The 45-year-old actor Park Byung Eun will take on the role of Jung Soo, a department store food department manager and is the indifferent husband of writer Boo Jung, played by Jeon Do Yeon.

In the drama, he is a kind and warm-hearted son and son-in-law, but is distant from his wife, who suffers from a severe mid-life crisis.

'Lost' Stills
(Photo : JTBC)

On the other hand, the 38-year-old actress Kim Hyo Jin takes on the role of Kyung Eun, Jung Soo's first and greatest love.

Interestingly, she marries a man other than Jung Soo, whom she was devoted to. But the tense and unresolved relationship of the two raises questions and curiosity as to what kind of story is lying beneath them.

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'Lost' Stills
(Photo : JTBC)

The newly published photos depicted the tension in the atmosphere between the two ex-lovers, which raised potential viewers' expectations.

Jung Soo and Kyung Eun's locking gazes give off an unknown vagueness as attention is focused on the tense and complicated story of the two, who are connected by an undeniably strong bond that isn't feeble to break easily.

'Lost' Stills
(Photo : JTBC)

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The sudden meeting of Jung Soo and Kyung Eun stimulated curiosity. The subtle sexual tension between the two stimulated curiosity and anticipation.

'Lost' Drama Summary, Production, and Release Date

JTBC's melodrama "Lost" tells the melancholic stories of two ordinary people, Boo Jung and Kang Jae, played by Jeon Do Yeon and Ryu Jun Yeol respectively, who suddenly realize that they haven't achieved anything remarkable in the midst of their lives.

'Lost' Poster
(Photo : JTBC)

In addition to the four amazing actors, Park In Hwan, Shin Shin Ae, Park Ji Young, and former Apink member Na Eun are also part of the melodrama.

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"Lost" is helmed by "Princess Deokhye" director Heo Jin Ho together with "Introduction to Architecture" screenwriter Kim Ji Hye.

'Lost' Special Poster
(Photo : JTBC)

JTBC's upcoming melodrama "Lost" is scheduled to air for the first time on JTBC at 10:30 p.m. KST on September 4.

"Lost" will also be available for international streaming on iQIYI.

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Check out the melancholic yet heart-fluttering new teaser of "Lost" here:

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