‘The King’s Affection’ Stills: Park Eun Bin Transforms Into a Crown Prince With Hidden Secrets in New Historical Drama with SF9 Rowoon

The King's Affection
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Park Eun Bin
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Broadcast company KBS released the first stills of its newest Monday and Tuesday drama "The King's Affection" (also known as "Affection" or "Yeonmo") featuring "Hot Stove League" actress Park Eun Bin on the late afternoon of September 8.

"The King's Affection" marks the return of KBS2's historical drama to the small screen after seven years.

The King's Affection Stills: Park Eun Bin to Portray a Crown Prince Who Hides Dark Secrets

Actress Park Eun Bin, who graced South Korean television with her amazing acting abilities in "Hot Stove League" and "Hello, My Twenties!", is set to return to the small screen with the historical drama "The King's Affection" with SF9's Rowoon.

'The King's Affection'
(Photo : KBS)

In the new drama, she will take on the role of Lee Hwi, a prince who was born as a twin and now hides her feminine identity because of a tragic past.

Crown Prince Lee Hwi carries a secret that no one is ready for. She appears cold but she is brown with a fiery passion to achieve her goals no matter what happens.

In the newly published stills, Lee Hwi exudes a charismatic aura as she is clad with her princely garments and clothes.

'The King's Affection'
(Photo : KBS)

Burden, fear, loneliness, and pain are written all over her face, which she became accustomed with due to her secret and heart-wrenching past.

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But Lee Hwi's cover is about to be blown up after she meets Jeong Ji Woon, played by SF9's Rowoon, the prince's teacher. The man would constantly hang around and disarm the crown prince Lee Hwi, and naturally thaw her frozen heart eventually.

The "Hot Stove League" actress will challenge herself with her first cross-dressing role, raising expectations and anticipation towards her performance and detailed transformation as a prince.

'The King's Affection'
(Photo : KBS)

"The King's Affection" production staff member amplified the excitement by saying, "The actress completes the aura of an absolute prince. We ask for your interest and support for Park Eun Bin who will perfectly embody Lee Hwi's story in the drama."

The King's Affection Release Date and Where to Watch

The upcoming historical romance drama "The King's Affection" starring Park Eun Bin and SF9 Rowoon is helmed by filmmaker Song Hyeon Wook, the brilliant mind behind the masterpieces "Beauty Inside" and "Oh Ha Young Again", together with "Clean with Passion For Now" screenwriter Han Hee Jung.

Nam Yoon Su, Choi Byung Chan, Bae Yoon Kyung will join the duo in leading the new historical drama.

Park Eun Hye, Bae Soo Bin, Jung Chae Yeon, and Lee Pil Mo will also decorate the show with their abilities.

"The King's Affection" is scheduled to air on October 11 every Monday and Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. KST on KBS2.

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