SF9 Rowoon Becomes a Handsome Manager in New Historical Drama ‘The King’s Affection’ with Park Eun Bin

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SF9 member Rowoon challenges himself with a new role in the forthcoming historical drama series "The King's Affection" (also referred to as "Affection" or "Yeonmo") with "Hello, My Twenties!" actress Park Eun Bin.

He will return to the small screen after starring in the 2021 JTBC workplace romance drama "She Would Never Know".

SF9 Rowoon Transforms Into a Handsome Manager in 'The King's Affection'

On September 9, broadcast company KBS released the second set of stills for its forthcoming historical romance drama "The King's Affection" with SF9 Rowoon and Park Eun Bin.

'The King's Affection'
(Photo : KBS)

While Park Eun Bin will portray a crown prince with hidden and unspeakable secrets, SF9 Rowoon will take on the role of Jeong Ji Woon, the teacher and manager of the crown prince Lee Hwi (Park Eun Bin).

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In the newly released stills, Rowoon completely transformed into general manager Jeong Ji Woon. He is a man with many talents and his fiery eyes are filled with passion.

'The King's Affection'
(Photo : KBS)

But even though he has responsibilities as the crown prince's manager, he also makes sure that he enjoys his life to the fullest. At night, he visits the mountains and takes in all the positivity that nature has to offer.

Jeong Ji Woon Meets Crown Prince Lee Hwi

The fateful encounter and meeting of Jeong Ji Woon and Lee Hwi mark the beginning of their royal romance.

The two met each other when Jeong Ji Woon received an order to go to the King's palace, where he met the crown prince.

'The King's Affection'
(Photo : KBS)

As if a memory was triggered, he then remembered his first love, whom he sees in Lee Hwi.

Curiosity and anticipation are heightened as to what kind of love story SF9 Rowoon and Park Eun Bin will show this time as they work together in a historical drama for the first time.

'The King's Affection'
(Photo : KBS)

The "The King's Affection" production team shared their thoughts on Rowoon and his acting performance. They said, "Rowoon effortlessly is a great actor. He also acts as the mood maker in the filming set, by perfectly embodying the character of the warmhearted Jeong Ji Woon. Please pay attention to his portrayal in the upcoming drama."

'The King's Affection' Pre-Production and Premiere

The forthcoming historical romance-drama "The King's Affection" is helmed by filmmaker Song Hyun Wook and written by screenwriter Han Hee Jung.

It follows the story of an abandoned twin named Lee Hwi due to her gender, who will do anything to become King.

Aside from the duo, actors Nam Yoon Su, Choi Byung Chan, and Bae Yoon Kyung are also part of the series.

The masterpiece is produced by Monster Union and distributed by broadcasting company KBS2, the home of great and remarkable South Korean dramas "Love in the Moonlight," "Oh My Venus," and "Are You Human Too?".

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"The King's Affection" will take on the Monday and Tuesday drama time slot starting in October.

It is slated to air on October 11 at 9:30 p.m. KST on KBS2.
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