Lee Honey is Torn Between Two Lovers in New Drama ‘One the Woman’

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"Extreme Job" Lee Honey is set to return to the small screen with her new romantic-comedy series "One the Woman," alongside veteran actors Lee Sang Yoon, Jin Seo Yeon, and Lee Won Geun.

She will take on her first major acting role with two characters, touching the body swap genre on the small screen.

The drama follows the story of Jo Yeon Joo, a female prosecutor who lost her memories due to an accident, and became the heiress of an elite Korean conglomerate Kang Mi Na overnight.

Lee Honey Lives a Double Life, Now Torn Between Two Lovers

Actress Lee Honey is expected to portray a 180-degree switch of life as prosecutor Jo Yeon Joo who now lives a lavish life with the character of the heiress Kang Mi Na.

Honey Lee
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Broadcasting company SBS released stills featuring Lee Honey's potential love interests, Lee Sang Yoon and Lee Won Geun, in the drama prior to its premiere.

Lee Honey and Lee Sang Yoon Fight Head-to-Head Over Peanuts

In the first set of stills, Lee Honey and "About Time" actor Lee Sang Yoon engaged in a heated confrontation.

'One the Woman'
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Interestingly, the two characters were fighting over some peanuts. Jo Yeon joo, who is now living the life of Kang Mi Na, suddenly kicks Han Seung Wook, played by Lee Sang Yoon, away, who steals her peanuts.

When Seung Wook came home after his father's sudden death, he found Mi Na sitting in the waiting area of the funeral hall eating peanuts and rushed to steal it as a surprise.

'One the Woman'
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Kang Mi Na, who was instantly enraged by the sudden act, shows her wrath which shook Seung Wook, which raises curiosity about what kind of story the two characters will play out in the drama, after their ironic yet funny peanut confrontation.

'One the Woman'
(Photo : SBS)
'One the Woman'
(Photo : SBS)

On the other hand, "One the Woman" production team expressed their thanks to the two characters. They said, "Thanks to Lee Honey and Lee Sang Yoon who showed their comical enthusiasm, the scene in the funeral hall was brighter. Because of the two actors' performances, the two created a drama that will make everyone smile just by watching it. Please look forward to the synergy of the two actors in "One the Woman."

Prosecutors Lee Honey and Lee Won Geun Work Together in an Investigation

Next, the stills show Lee Honey and Lee Won Geun's surprisingly lovely charms together.

Lee Won Geun, who will return to the small screen with "One the Woman" after his military discharge in January, plays the role of Ahn Yu Jun, Jo Yeon Joo's classmate at the Judicial Research and Training Institute and the current Seopyeong District prosecutor.

'One the Woman'
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In the stills, Jo Yeon Joo and Ahn Yu Jun turn on the lights as they look at each other, which grabs potential viewers' attention.

The two honorable prosecutors spend the night at Jo Yeon Joo's home for an undercover investigation. In the midst of a heated argument, Jo Yeon Joo sends dagger looks at Ahn Yu Jun, who is sitting comfortably on the sofa with a surprised look on his face.

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Jo Yeon Joo and Ahn Yu Jun, who are currently working on an investigation, raises questions about what kind of work and relationship the two prosecutors will show in the drama.

'One the Woman'
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"One the Woman" production staff shared their thoughts on the two actors' synergy as co-stars. They shared, "The chemistry created by Lee Honey and Lee Won Geun's acting together will definitely bring a refreshing and unique presence to the small screen. Please show a lot of love and support to the two actors in "One the Woman"."

'One the Woman' Release Date and Where to Watch

'One the Woman'
(Photo : SBS)

The forthcoming SBS rom-com is helmed by Choi Young Hoon, who gained praise for his directing skills through "Good Casting" and writer Kim Yoon.

Jin Seo Yeon, Na Young Hee, Kim Chang Wan, THE BOYZ Younghoon, and Weki Meki Doyeon will join the trio in the series.

"One the Woman" is scheduled to premiere on SBS on September 17, and will air every Friday and Saturday at 10:00 p.m. KST.

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