‘Police University’ Episode 11 Spoilers: B1A4 Jinyoung and f(x) Krystal Share First Romantic Moment as a Couple at the Beach

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The highly-rated coming-of-age romance comedy series "Police University" released stills featuring the heart-fluttering romantic moment of Kang Seon Ho and Oh Kang Hee, played by B1A4 Jinyoung and f(x) Krystal, as a couple at the beach.

After a series of events that hindered the two freshman students from showing their affection for each other, they are now finally able to express their love freely.

The much-awaited 11th episode of "Police University" is slated to air on Monday, September 13 on KBS2.

'Police University' Episode 11 Spoilers: Kang Seon Ho, Oh Kang Hee, Jo Joon Wook, and Lee Dal Go On a Summer Beach Trip Together

Previously, Seon Ho and Kang Hee, together with their fellow freshmen Beom Tae (Lee Dal) and Joon Wook (Youngjae), as well as their beloved professors Dong Man (Cha Tae Hyun), Hyuk Pil (Lee Jong Hyuk), and Hee Soo (Hong Soo Hyun) finally caught the culprit who hurt Dong Man's subordinate and mastermind of the illegal gambling gang.

In the 11th episode of "Police University", the exciting summer vacation of the students begins.

The four best friends known as "Kang Seon Ho's Investigation Unit" go on a beach trip, after their successful investigative operation together.

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Broadcast company KBS released new stills, which showcase the pleasant memories created by the squad in their summer vacation. The freshman students exude vibrant and youthful energy, which makes the viewers and fans smile as they look at their phones' screens.

Kang Seon Ho and Oh Kang Hee Finally Show Their Love For Each Other Freely

In particular, the captured moment between Seon Ho and Kang Hee draws attention. The two couples, who are obviously enjoying their first date as a couple, hold hands, creating a heart-fluttering atmosphere.

'Police University'
(Photo : KBS)

The "solo corps" (aka "singles") Beom Tae and Joon Wook look at the two with bitter expressions, causing laughter.

Fans expressed their excitement and anticipation about the "Police University" latest episode, which contains the sweet time and spontaneous trip of the four freshmen students.

'Police University'
(Photo : KBS)

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'Police University'
(Photo : KBS)

The "Police University" production team encouraged the viewers to anticipate the new episode by saying, "The latest episode depicts a happy time of youth that is surrounded by romance. We want to show the heart-pounding excitement of the shy Kang Seon Ho and brazen Oh Kang Hee's first romantic moment together. Please look forward to seeing the two in "Police University"."

'Police University' Episode 11 Release Date and Where to Watch

Yoo Kwan Mo and Min Jung's masterpiece "Police University" will air its much-awaited 11th episode on Monday, September 13 at 9:30 p.m. KST on KBS2.

It is also available for online streaming on Viu.

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