LOOK: Han So Hee Looks Menacing in Netflix’s ‘My Name’ Stills

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LOOK: Han So Hee Looks Menacing in Netflix’s ‘My Name’ Stills (Photo : Netflix Korea Instagram)

From a timid art student to ferocious tigress, Netflix introduces a brand new Han So Hee through My Name stills. The rising star is more than ready to pull intense stunts in her upcoming TV series. 

Han So Hee Transforms into a Fierce Lady for New Netflix KDrama My Name 

Far from her sweet, charming, and fragile character as Yoo Na Bi in "Nevertheless," Han So Hee transforms into a savage woman. She will immerse herself in the role of Yoon Ji Woo, a ruthless lady who seeks revenge for her father.

Han So Hee - My Name Still
(Photo : Netflix Korea Instagram)

In the new My Name stills, one scene contains a decisive moment on Yoon Ji Woo's 17th birthday. It was when she witnessed the death of her father, which remains vivid to her even after some time. 

Han So Hee - My Name Still
(Photo : Netflix Korea Instagram)

This tragedy became a turning point in her life. From then on, she asked for help from one of her father's old friends, Mu Jin (Park Hee Soon), to find the culprit.

As a first step for her revenge, Yoon Ji Woo joined a known organization where she honed her fighting skills, such as boxing, to survive and beat the murderers.

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Han So Hee to Show Boxing Skills in My Name

Viewers are now ecstatic to see the new Netflix KDrama My Name, specifically its action scenes. This will be the first time for drama enthusiasts to see Han So Hee in a dark, vengeful character.

The new KDrama My Name stills highlighted the actress' ferocious transformation - now, she wears a bob, messy hair, and a menacing facial expression ready to take down adversaries. 

Han So Hee - My Name Still
(Photo : Netflix Korea Instagram)

Given that the role is far too different from her previous drama characters, Han So Hee revealed she underwent an intense training to condition her body in preparation for the fight scenes. The "Abyss" star shared, "It was my first time to become serious and hands on when it comes to being physically fit and healthy."

Han So Hee - My Name Still
(Photo : Netflix Korea Instagram)

Han So Hee added, "I usually went to action school from Mondays to Fridays to train, and made sure to finish every routine perfectly. I also enjoyed filming the project because everything was new to me." 

Han So Hee - My Name Still
(Photo : Netflix Korea Instagram)

Meanwhile, KDrama My Name director, Kim Jin Min, praised the actress for her hard work, saying, "Han So Hee has her own technique in finding solutions to every problem that occurs while we are working, especially with the intense scenes. She knew how to project herself very well."

Kim Jin Min added that he worked hard to cultivate new things in filming the TV series, and seeing how the drama is made satisfies him even more. 

Han So Hee's first-ever action KDrama My Name will premiere on October 15 on Netflix. 

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