‘Korean Hulk’ Namgoong Min Set to Reveal his Spartan-Like Workout Routine in MBC’s ‘I Live Alone’

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Namgoong Min is showing a glimpse of his life outside the spotlight in the upcoming episode of "I Live Alone."

Dubbed as the "Korean Hulk" due to his transformation, the MBC's reality show will highlight his diet and, most especially, his intense workout routine.

Premiering on September 17 at 10 PM KST, this will be the actor's return in "I Live Alone" after two years as he greets his fans with a bulk-up figure.

Namgoong Min
(Photo : MBC I Live Alone Official Instagram)
Namgoong Min
(Photo : MBC I Live Alone Official Instagram)

'I Live Alone' Features Namgoong Min's Workout Routine

From his toned body to his Hulk-like physique, the upcoming episode will showcase his exercise routine as he gears up for his new drama "The Veil."

This is also the reason why he opted to gain 10 kg of muscle as he took on the role of an elite National Intelligence Service (NIS) agent.

Moreover, he mentioned that he wanted to "look combative to anyone," hence his beef-up body.

For the September 17 episode, fans would get to peek at Namgoong Min's workout routine by focusing on cutting down the fat to make their muscle more defined and visible.

In a teaser, the "Hot Stove League" star shared that he spends two hours a day working out, even during the filming session.

Namgoong Min The Veil
(Photo : MBC Drama Official Instagram)
Namgoong Min The Veil
(Photo : MBC Drama Official Instagram)

He even called his workout a Spartan-like training due to its powerful drills.

At one point, the 43-year-old actor revealed his training's thoughts saying that he is "too greedy for exercise."

As for his secret diet, the reality show is set to unveil his protein mukbang for bulking up, which unfortunately has "no taste," according to the actor.

'The Veil' Cast, Release Date, and More

'The Veil' Poster
(Photo : MBC)

Namgoong Min's "I Live Alone" guesting comes ahead of his new series "The Veil" alongside Park Ha Sun and Kim Ji Eun.

The versatile actor transforms as the top NIS agent Han Ji Hyuk, whose life is about to change in just a snap.

It came after a traitor from the organization plotted his downfall, causing him to disappear in the face of the earth.

However, Ji Hyuk surprised everyone when he returned to the organization only to find the person responsible for his destruction.

Apart from Namgoong Min's character, rookie actress Kim Ji Eun will act as his field partner named Yoo Je Yi, while Park Ha Sun took on the role of Crime Information Center team head Seo Soo Yeon.

Moreover, joining "The Veil" cast are Jang Young Nam as NIS overseas division deputy director Do Jin Suk alongside Kim Jong Tae, Kim Do Hyun, veteran actor Lee Kyung Young and "Hospital Playlist" actor Jung Moon Sung.

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Namgoong Min Share his Thoughts Regarding Co-Stars Park Ha Sun and Kim Ji Eun

(Photo : MBC Official Instagram)

According to an outlet, the "Doctor Prisoner" star expressed his adoration to the two female lead stars, saying they both "have a very deep passion for acting."

He went on to describe Park Ha Sun as a "serious actor" who is "deeply immersed into her character."

As for Kim Ji Eun, the upcoming mystery crime drama is his reunion project with the actress since she also appeared in "Doctor Prisoner."

"She's a good actress!" Namgoong Min described his co-star.

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