Go Hyun Jung Thinks Her Life is a Living Hell in New ‘People Who Look Like You’ Teaser

People Who Look Like You
People Who Resemble You
Reflection of You
Go Hyun Jung
Shin Hyun Been
Choi Won Young
Kim Sang Ho

Broadcast company JTBC released a new teaser for the upcoming Wednesday and Thursday drama "People Who Look Like You" (also referred to as "People Who Resemble You" or "Reflection of You") starring Go Hyung Jung, Shin Hyun Been, Choi Won Young, and Kim Sang Ho.

The drama follows the different stories of women who face their own struggles and hardships in life.

Go Hyun Jung To Work With Shin Hyun Been in New Drama 'People Who Look Like You'

"Queen Seondeok" actress Go Hyun Jung is set to return to the small screen with "People Who Look Like You" after her two years of break.

Opposite Shin Hyun Been who starred in the recently concluded second season of the smash-hit and top-rating medical romance drama "Hospital Playlist 2".

'People Who Look Like You'
(Photo : JTBC)

"People Who Look Like You" marks the two phenomenal actresses' first drama together.

Go Hyun Jung will take on the role of Jeong Hee Joo, a successful painter and essayist who, despite her achievements, still feels inadequate. She feels like she is spending her time pointlessly, so she leaves her sheltered and lavish lifestyle to find herself.

While Shin Hyun Bee portrays art teacher Goo Hae Won who lost her will to continue living due to a fateful meeting.

'People Who Look Like You'
(Photo : JTBC)

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Apart from the duo, "Where Stars Land" actor Choi Won Young and "100 Days My Prince" actor Kim Jae Young will also participate in the forthcoming drama.

Go Hyun Jung's Life is a Living Hell Filled With Anxiety in 'People Who Look Like You'

The newly released video teaser begins with a melancholic Jeong Hee Joo who wanders through the city without a definite destination. "This world is hell, even if I'm alive."

Despite living her best life as a successful painter and essayist, as well as a happy wife to an honorable president of a hospital and school, she still feels inadequate and dissatisfied.

She then sits on a dark boat on the water with a bitter smile on her face. Interestingly, because of fate, Goo Hae Won passes by while saying, "My hell is... you.", raising expectations. In the next scene, Goo Hae Won, who is apparently an art teacher, stands in the middle of a classroom, with the image of a girl being beaten in the head without mercy. The image of Jeong Hee Joo trembling endlessly shakes the hearts of the viewers. She then asks Goo Hae Won, "What is the purpose of coming here if you will just hurt my daughter?".

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But the next moment shocked everyone. With a cold expression, Goo Hae Won pours cold juice on Jeong Hee Joo's head. In addition to that, Goo Hae Won simply says, "She's not very polite to me."

'People Who Look Like You' Production and Release Date

JTBC's newest drama, "People Who Look Like You," is a masterpiece based on Jung So Hyeon's novel "Someone Who Looks Like You."

It is helmed by director Im Hyun Wook and written by Yoo Bo Ra.

Kim Su An, Park Seong Yeon, Kim Ho Jung, and Seo Jeong Yeon will also appear in the drama.

"People Who Look Like You" is scheduled to premiere on October 13 at 10:30 p.m. KST on JTBC.

It will also be available worldwide through Netflix.
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