Lee Sun Bin, Han Sun Hwa, Apink Eunji and Super Junior Siwon Display High Alcohol Level Tension in ‘Work Later, Drink Now’ Teaser

Work Later Drink Now
Lee Sun Bin
Han Sun Hwa
& Jung Eunji
Choi Siwon
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Broadcast media TVING released a new exciting video teaser for its forthcoming romantic comedy drama Work Later, Drink Now ahead of its much awaited premiere.

The trailer highlights the high alcohol level tension and drinking strategies of Ahn So Hee (Lee Sun Bin), Han Ji Yeon (Han Sun Hwa), Kang Ji Goo (Apink Eunji) and Kang Book Goo (Siwon).

Lee Sun Bin, Han Sun Hwa, Eunji, and Siwon Display High Alcohol Level Tension in New Drama

TVING's original series Work Later, Drink Now released a new video teaser ahead of its big premiere.

It highlights Ahn So Hee, Han Ji Yeon, Kang Ji Goo, and Kang Book Goo's interesting friendship, high alcohol level tension, and strategies on how they balance life and alcohol.

'Work Later, Drink Now'
(Photo : TVING)

In the newly released video teaser, Ahn So Hee, Han Ji Yeon, Kang Ji Goo and Kang Book Goo transform into close friends who are more serious about alcohol than anyone else, setting an unusual tension and laughter.

'Work Later, Drink Now'
(Photo : TVING)
'Work Later, Drink Now'
(Photo : TVING)

The video begins with a strong star, showcasing the three best friends' bottle opening technique.

Broadcast writer So Hee, yoga instructor Ji Yeon and full-time YouTuber Ji Goo enjoy their time together over cold alcohol and beer. Together, the three put a straw in their soju bottle and drink it, sing a song, make wheat, and drink bottled beer while doing just anything crazy.

'Work Later, Drink Now'
(Photo : TVING)

Because of this, Kang Book Goo, So Hee's boss, shouts, "I'm scared!"

Though the three women explicitly showed their unhinged drinking habits, they also gave themselves a sense of identity through being faithful to their work in non-drinking places.

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Work Later, Drink Now production team raises expectations by saying, "The video teaser filled the hearts of the viewers with laughter. It foretells the fantastic synergy of Lee Sun Bin, Han Sun Hwa, Apink Eunji and Super Junior Siwon. They will depict the relatable story of overworked people with interesting social lives so please look forward to seeing the drama."

Kdrama Work Later, Drink Now Pre-Production and Further Details

'Work Later, Drink Now'
(Photo : TVING)

Kim Jung Sik and Wi So Young's new masterpiece Work Later, Drink Now is based on Mikkang's novel Drinker City Women.

It is the first project of seasoned actors and idol actors Lee Sun Bin, Han Sun Hwa, Apink Eunji and Super Junior Siwon together.

Actors Han Ji Hyo and Jung Eun Pyo will also make their appearances in the drama.

The TVING romance comedy is slated to air for the first time on October 22.

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