Song Joong Ki Expresses Heartfelt Gratitude After Wrapping Up Filming his Upcoming Movie ‘Bogota’

Song Joong Ki
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(Photo : Song Joong Ki Official Instagram)

Song Joong Ki shared an update regarding his upcoming film "Bogotá: City of the Lost."

The Hallyu star took to social media and thanked his 7.1 million followers for showing massive support for the new thriller crime film.

Song Joong Ki Instagram Update: Hallyu Star Showed Deep Appreciation to Fans

Amid the setbacks, the "Vincenzo" star hints at the successful production of Kim Sung Je-directed film.

Over Song, Joong Ki's Instagram shared a series of photos with the actor holding a ton of coffee cups donning his image.

It appears that these came from the coffee trucks sent by his fans, friends, and colleges to support his new movie.

"Thank you so much to everyone who cheered for us at Bogota," the caption reads, followed by a violet heart emoji.

Song Joong Ki
(Photo : Song Joong Ki Official Instagram)
Song Joong Ki
(Photo : Song Joong Ki Official Instagram)

Within hours after the photos were shared, Song Joong Ki's Instagram post gained almost 600,000 and counting, where fans expressed their love for the actor by commenting with heart emojis.

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Song Joong Ki's 'Bogotá' Concludes Filming

Song Joong Ki
(Photo : History D&C Official Instagram)

The screenwriter and director of Song Joong Ki's new movie, PD Kim Sung Jae, shared his thoughts regarding the film's long journey.

According to, he mentioned that "Bogotá: City of the Lost" is a "very special movie" for him, given that he and the whole team endured and overcame several hurdles.

In addition, he also shared that the movie is perfect timing for the Hallyu star since he "learns and feels a lot of things" during the production.

Apart from this, he also took the opportunity to show his appreciation to the team for working "really hard" to produce the upcoming thriller crime movie.

Furthermore, he also praised the Columbian staff and said that he is "grateful" for their support.

Lastly, the PD also spoke about the setbacks that they experienced due to the global crisis.

"We got out of the crosswind named 'epidemic' that swept the entire earth and arrived at the port safely. Thanks to the understanding, concessions and fighting spirit of the actors and staff, we were able to get here safely. Thank you, everyone, for your hard work and dedication," he said as obtained by the media outlet.

To recall, after confirming the star-studded lineup of the cast, Song Joong Ki's "Bogotá" experienced several delays, including the postponement of the filming session not once but twice.

It came after one of the actors tested positive for COVID-19.

With this, the distributor of the film, Megabox Plus M, announced that the production is halted until all the cast members and staff have successfully completed their self-quarantine.

Moreover, lead star Song Joong Ki immediately canceled all his engagements to adhere to the safety protocols.

Song Joong Ki
(Photo : Song Joong Ki Official Instagram)

His agency, History D&C, confirmed the news, stating that the "Descendants of the Sun" star tested negative and had to undergo self-quarantine after coming into direct contact with the person who had tested positive.

"Bogotá: City of the Lost" follows the story of a 19-year-old boy from South Korea who migrated to Bogota, Colombia, in the 1990s.

He then managed to become a successful entrepreneur and returned to his hometown after several years.

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