Red Velvet Joy, Ahn Eun Jin, Kang Ye Won and More Immerse in Emotional Acting in JTBC’s ‘Only One Person’ Script Reading

Only One Person
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Broadcast giant JTBC's upcoming romance melodrama "Only One Person" unveiled exclusive photos from the cast's first script reading.

The drama stars Red Velvet Joy, Ahn Eun Jin, Kang Ye Won, Kim Kyung Nam, and more.

Red Velvet Joy, Ahn Eun Jin and More Display Immersive Acting in 'Only One Person' Script Reading

JTBC's upcoming romance melodrama "Only One Person," starring Red Velvet Joy, Ahn Eun Jin, Kim Kyung Nam, and Kang Ye Won, released exclusive photos from the drama's first script reading.

The newly released photos display the actors' chemistry and immersive acting.

In the drama, "Hospital Playlist" actress Ahn Eun Jin portrays the role of the stubborn and haughty woman Pyo In Sook. Despite her cold exterior, her heart is filled with fear and worry as she is diagnosed with a terminal illness.

'Only One Person'
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During the script reading, Ahn Eun Jin showed a perfect synchronization with Pyo In Sook, effectively portraying her with impressive acting.

"Prison Playbook" star Kim Kyung Nam transforms into the mysterious hitman Min Woo Chun who has lived a painful and tragic life.

'Only One Person'
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In particular, Kim Kyung Nam synchronized with his role with stable acting. Kim Kyung Nam and Ahn Eun Jin wowed the production team with how the two portrayed their characters and conveyed the budding romance between their characters.

On the other hand, "Tidal Wave" actress Kang Ye Won showed off her outstanding acting abilities in her new role as a woman who struggles to live with her small remaining time. The actress will give life to Kang Se Yeon, with the goal to give comfort to people who also experience the same problem.

'Only One Person'
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Finally, Red Velvet Joy takes on the role of Sung Mi Do, a social media influencer who also suffers from a severe illness. With her solid acting performance and great voice, she perfectly curated Sung Mi Do's fluctuating emotions.

'Only One Person'
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The script reading was also attended by the other cast members Go Doo Sim, Jang Hyun Sung, Lee Soo Mi, Do Sang Woo and Ahn Chang Hwan.

The production team of "Only One Person" praised the cast's energy, saying, "The actors' energy was unique. Apart from that, they all understand the drama's goal to give comfort to people who are struggling through the upcoming JTBC masterpiece. Please show a lot of interest and support to the upcoming drama."

'Only One Person' Release Date and Further Details

"Only One Person" is an emotional drama about three terminally ill women who cross paths with each other. They then decide to take down one bad guy before they die.

However, in their attempt to take down "only one person," they unexpectedly stumble upon the most valuable person of their lives.

The drama is looked over by director Oh Hyun Jong and penned by scriptwriter Moon Jung Min.

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Produced by KeyEast and JTBC Studios, "Only One Person" will consist of 16 episodes and will air every Monday and Tuesday.

The first episode of the new melodrama is slated to air in December 2021 on JTBC.

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