Shim Dal Gi, Golden Child Bomin, PENTAGON Hongseok and More Share Honest Thoughts on New Drama ‘Shadow Beauty’ and the Reasons For Choosing the Work

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Kakao TV's original thriller drama "Shadow Beauty" is a work that follows the double life story of an ostracized high school girl named Goo Ae Jin, played by Shim Dal Gi, who lives as a gorgeous star and influencer named Genie (played by fromis_9 Nagyung) on social media.

"Shadow Beauty" stars Shim Dal Gi, Golden Child Bomin, PENTAGON Hongseok and fromis_9 Nagyung.

Shim Dal Gi, Golden Child Bomin, PENTAGON Hongseok and fromis_9 Nagyung on New Thriller Drama 'Shadow Beauty'

Shim Dal Gi, who plays the role of Goo Ae Jin, introduced her character as "a friend who loathes herself because of her looks, but she is confident as Genie who is a social media influencer."

"I was really curious about the work after I read the script up until episode four. I was afraid [to do the work] because I thought that this opportunity came knocking on my door. But filming and working with fellow actors who are my age is fun," Shim Dal Gi, who took on the title role, continued.

'Shadow Beauty'
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On the other hand, Golden Child Bomin transforms into the perfect student Kim Ho In. The singer and actor admitted that he doesn't usually watch webtoons but watched the whole webtoon after receiving the script for "Shadow Beauty," finally falling in love with the work.

'Shadow Beauty'
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According to him, his Golden Child members helped him rehearse his dialogues at the dorm, and because of this, he was able to immerse with his role.

Fromis_9 Nagyung transforms into Goo Ae Jin's online persona, the social media influencer with a goddess-like beauty, Genie.

'Shadow Beauty'
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Nagyung, who challenges herself with acting for the first time, shared, "The work's script is very interesting and I think it is a drama that everyone will be able to connect with, so I gladly accepted it."

"For the drama, I learned how to take pictures while looking at real-life influencers," Nagyung revealed, admitting that she is worried about her acting performance.

'Shadow Beauty'
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Finally, PENTAGON Hongseok, who plays the role of aspiring idol trainee Lee Jin Sung, described his character "as witty, kind and Goo Ae Jin's only friend."

To Hongseok, everyone has a double side. He explained, "There is a difference between the areas you want to hide and the things you want to show, isn't there? I think everyone has troubles, and in "Shadow Beauty," those things were solved."

'Shadow Beauty'
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According to Hongseok, he resonates a lot more with his work, and oftentimes he would reflect and compare his trainee years to his character to get insight.

When asked about his character's charm, he said, "I wanted to do the Busan dialect. It is Jin Sung's charm. If he had a Seoul dialect, his charm would have been cut in half."

'Shadow Beauty' Cast's Promise to Fans and Viewers

The new thriller drama "Shadow Beauty" cast made a deal with the work's viewers and their fans.

Aiming for a high rating, Shim Dal Gi, Golden Child Bomin, PENTAGON Hongseok and fromis_9 Nagyung promised to dance to a Golden Child's song when the drama reaches two million views in two weeks.

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If the drama reaches three million views, the cast will also cover a fromis_9 song, and a Golden Child, fromis_9 and PENTAGON song covers if the drama reaches four million viewers.

If the cumulative number of views exceeds 10 million, the cast, one by one, will fulfill the promise wholeheartedly.

Moreover, the 13-episode thriller drama "Shadow Beauty" airs every Wednesday and Saturday at 8:00 p.m. KST at Kakao TV.

The drama will air for the first time on Saturday, November 20.

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