Kim Da Mi Becomes a Goal-Oriented Careerwoman in New Romance Comedy Drama ‘Our Beloved Summer’

Our Beloved Summer
Kim Da Mi
Choi Woo Sik

Following Choi Woo Sik's transformation, SBS TV's upcoming romance comedy drama "Our Beloved Summer" unveiled Kim Da Mi's individual photo stills.

Kim Da Mi Transforms Into a Goal-Oriented Careerwoman in 'Our Beloved Summer'

SBS TV's newest romance comedy drama "Our Beloved Summer" starring Kim Da Mi and Choi Woo Sik follows the story of two ex-lovers who meet each other unexpectedly after 10 years.

Because of Kim Da Mi's rising popularity from appearing in her blockbuster roles in "THe Witch: Part 1. The Subversion" and "Itaewon Class," fans and viewers anticipate Kim Da Mi's transformation in her latest drama.

In "Our Beloved Summer," Kim Da Mi takes on the role of top student and role model Kook Yeon Soo who grew up and became a reliable publicist who is trusted by everyone.

'Our Beloved Summer' Stills
(Photo : SBS)
Kim Da Mi / Our Beloved Summer

The newly released stills captures Kook Yeon Soo's growth and development as a person. As the top student of her school, she becomes the star of a documentary alongside the school's lost cause Choi Woong, played by Choi Woo Sik.

The still cut photo perfectly displays Kook Yeon Soo's determination as she sports her neat school uniform.

'Our Beloved Summer'
(Photo : SBS)
Kim Da Mi / Our Beloved Summer

On the other hand, Kook Yeon Soo boasts off her hardworking personality in the following stills. Although Kook Yeon Soo has her eyes on her goals with a persevering heart, she grew up as an adult who has scars and a huge hole inside her chest.

The following stills depict 29-year-old Kook Yeon Soo's busy life. Her eyes are filled with passion, displaying her professionalism as a leader.

'Our Beloved Summer' Stills
(Photo : SBS)
Kim Da Mi / Our Beloved Summer

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When she unexpectedly meets Choi Woong again after they broke up 10 years ago, the feelings she buried and the walls she built around her begin to weaken.

Attention is focused on what kind of precautionary measures Kook Yeon Soo will do to protect her heart and herself from being hurt once again.

Kim Da Mi On New Drama and Acting Role

The "Itaewon Class" star Kim Da Mi revealed that she had been longing to portray a highly realistic and relatable role, which is her main reason for choosing the new drama.

She also enjoyed reading the script and analyzing Kook Yeon Soo's character. Kim Da Mi described her character as "a person who appears strong and tough on the outside but is actually warm and soft."

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"Because 10 years of her life is shown in the drama, I paid more attention to the details that distinguish 19-year-old and 29-year-old Kook Yeon Soo," she added, raising expectations.

Moreover, "Our Beloved Summer" will premiere on Monday, December 6 at 10 p.m. KST on SBS TV.

ICYMI, watch the heart-fluttering teaser of "Our Beloved Summer" here:

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