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Singer Rain: "Girl Groups And Actresses Are Divine"

BY Staff Reporter | Jun 16, 2012 09:14 AM EDT


Singer and entertainer Rain (real name Jung Ji Hoon), who is currently serving in the Korean military as part of the national defense PR support crew, showed his infinite love for girl groups and actresses.

Speaking at a Yeosu World Expo briefing room on the 16th, in an interview before the 'Yeosu World Expo Pop Festival', Rain responded to a reporter's question: "Do you have a favorite girl band?"

Choosing his words carefully, the singer began, "I don't want to especially point anyone out..." and paused before wittingly finishing with, "all female groups and actresses on TV are basically divine beings", prompting laughter throughout the briefing room.

Rain performed in the national Defense Media Agency's K-pop concert. Among the all-star cast is the "Emperor of Ballad" Sergeant Park Hyo Shin and Private First Class Kang Chang Mo (KCM), as well as the girl band Nine Muses.

The special concert held by the Defense Media Agency is the first performance of the Yeosu Expo pop festival, taking place at a stage designed to hold 20,000 attendees and equipped with pumping machines and a hydraulic-powered moving stage. The performance is to be followed by fireworks to conclude the show; the entirety of the performance will be nationally broadcast through the Defense Media Agency's Armed Forces Network TV and K-TV.

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