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Actress Kim Sun Ah’s 100 Facial Expressions

BY Staff Reporter | Jul 18, 2012 07:49 AM EDT


Kim Sun Ah's 100 facial expressions have been a topic of conversation amongst netizens.

In an online community, a compilation of "Hwang Ji An's (played by Kim Sun Ah) 100 facial expressions" from MBC's mini-series 'I Do, I Do' has been a hot topic amongst the public.

The pictures of Kim Sun Ah show 100 expressions of the super alpha girl are both chic and full of charisma but at the same time cute and loveable. Just like the title says, not one of the pictures contains the same expression as another picture and is therefore attracting much attention. All of her various expressions all match her wealthy character in this drama, so much so that it can even be considered a spectacle.

In particular, her "grimace," "out-of-body experience," and "surprise" expressions are attracting attention for being such good captions for the picture they are describing.

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