Actor Jae Hee Furious at Broadcasting Station Security Guards: "Judge People by Their Cars?"

Jae Hee

Actor Jae Hee revealed a situation in which he was judged by what kind of car he had through his Twitter account.

On the 21st of September, Jae Hee uploaded onto his Twitter account, "What kind of broadcasting station parking lot would judge a person by his car? It's abusrd. Broadcasting station security guards. Don't be like that." Jae Hee did not share the exact situation or the location but it was inferred that he was judged by what brand his car was.

Netizens' responses to his tweet include, "Is it because there are only luxury cars in broadcasting stations?" "I'm curious. What happened?" "I wonder what broadcasting station did that?" "I think this situation is similar to how employees who work in brand name stores also think they are a brand."

On the other hand, Jae Hee is currently filming for the MBC drama 'May Queen.'

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