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Nude Photo Generates Controversy For ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’

BY Julie Jones | Feb 04, 2015 10:05 AM EST


Posters that were shown in the seventh and eight episodes of the drama "Kill Me, Heal Me" have generated some controversy among viewers. The posters supposedly reveal photos of a nude model but her body was blurred out for broadcast.

Viewers can only tell that they are supposed to be nude photos because of the reaction of one of the characters. In Episode 7, Oh Ri On's mother finds the posters when she is cleaning his room. The posters upset her and in Episode 8 she berates her son for having them. Little does she know that the posters are actually there to distract prying eyes from Oh Ri On's secret bulletin board beneath.

So, the nude photos serve their purpose. Oh Ri On's mom is so busy scolding him for having such a poster that she does not look further and discover his complicated research project.

Viewers were equally unhappy with the poster. Although the image of the woman's body was tastefully blurred out, it was her face that generated controversy. Rumors said that it was a photo of a girl group member named "H," who was supposedly a member of the girls group Honey Girls. Netizens commented that the face should have been blurred out as well. Otherwise it could be considered an invasion of her privacy.

The production company, Pen Entertainment denied using an idol photo and also said it was not really a nude photo.

"We cast the model legally through a modeling agency," a Pen Entertainment representative told Sports Korea Media. "The model wore nude-toned underwear when she got her picture taken. We explained how the photo would be seen in the broadcast, with the body blurred out. Our staff members personally took the photos."

They stressed that the model knew exactly how the photograph would be used. And she was paid for her modeling assignment.

"We paid for the photo shoot, then took the pictures. It makes no sense that there is a problem regarding the rights to the picture."

"Kill Me, Heal Me" stars Ji Sung as a man who has seven conflicting personalities. Because his warring personalities make his life a nightmare, he hires a personal psychiatrist to intercede. That psychiatrist, played by Hwang Jung Eum, is not sure which of his personalities she is falling in love with. Park Seo Joon plays Hwang Jung Eum's brother. He's a famous novelist in the drama and the owner of the controversial photos.

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