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Kim Hyun Joong And His Ex Don't Agree On Much

BY Julie Jones | Feb 25, 2015 09:09 AM EST


A recent article in the Korean magazine "Woman Sense" claimed that Kim Hyun Joong and his ex were reuniting. But the odds against these two having a successful relationship may be insurmountable. The singer-actor and his girlfriend have a long history of seeing things from a very different point of view.

After Kim's ex, identified as Choi, filed charges accusing him of repeated physical abuse in August 2014, he denied all but one physical fight. And now, according to a report in the Korean media publication Osen, there is some discrepancy about what happened after she informed him that she was pregnant.

Kim Hyun Joong has stated that he wanted his girlfriend to get a medical check-up after she informed him of the pregnancy and sent him ultrasound images. Through his agency KeyEast, he said that he never wanted her to prove she was pregnant but only wanted her to get a medical check-up. She apparently resented that request and did not feel comfortable with the doctor they recommended.

"I never made an appointment," Choi told Osen through her attorney Sun Jung Moon. "Why should I go to a hospital when I've proven my pregnancy."

Her lawyer also said that what Kim Hyun Joong alleges is not true. According to Sun, Kim implied she never went to her hospital appointments and he was concerned about her health but the lawyer said that Choi has received medical help.

"She's already delivered proof of her pregnancy with ultrasound pictures, so why does she have to go see the doctor," said Sun. "There's no need."

According to Sun, Choi has been in contact with Kim the whole time and does not trust him because he claimed not to have been able to reach her. The Korean media outlet Dispatch revealed a string of texts between them on the subject. In those texts, Kim seemed to have no trouble believing she was pregnant. But the problems may have arisen after his father got involved, as his family does not trust her.

Choi dropped the assault charges filed against Kim in September after he publicly and privately apologized. Because Kim admitted to one incident of violence, the charges were sent to the prosecution and he had to pay a $4,600 fine. According to the Korean media outlet Dispatch, the couple saw each other on several occasions after the charges were dropped. In The Dispatch article, Choi said the couple spent time together, vacationing on Jeju Island before deciding to end their relationship for good.

KeyEast responded to the lawyer's statements.

"Choi claimed that she got pregnant in early January and Kim Hyun Joong thought it would be right to discuss the matter with their parents and think about future measures. He thought it was only right that both sets of parents be present to verify her pregnancy and to go from there. That's why he's been trying to set up an appointment with a doctor whom she felt comfortable with but she didn't keep her word."

What do you think about the demands and expectations of both parties in this case? Should Choi have to prove her pregnancy? She has already announced it publicly. Is that enough?

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