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Texts Between Kim Hyun Joong And Ex Reveal More Of The Story

BY Julie Jones | Feb 26, 2015 10:48 AM EST


The Korean media outlet Dispatch published a selection of texts between singer-actor Kim Hyun Joong and his ex-girlfriend, identified only as Choi. The texts span a few months and may reveal more of the story behind the contradictory statements previously shared by both parties.

In an interview with Dispatch Choi shared that Kim Hyun Joong texted her while he was still under investigation for assaulting her in September 2014. She charged him with four incidents of assault, which he denied. He did say that they had one fight that became violent. After he apologized to her, she dropped the charges but he still had to pay a fine for the one incident he admitted to.

"Do you miss me a little it," he texted while he was being investigated. "I miss you and I think I'm crazy. I didn't prepare myself for this."

He won her affection back by showing up at her house drunk and asking her to stand by him in during difficult times. After he sent cake and flowers on her November birthday, she took him back. They dated throughout December before considering breaking up again.

On January 3, she realized she was pregnant, but she told the Dispatch she waited to tell him because she suspected he was on a trip with another woman. When he heard the news he went directly to her home.

"He never doubted my pregnancy and he should know it best," she said. "He even said he thought he made a mistake."

On January 9 he sent a text saying that he was upset about the situation and did not consider it a blessing. He was worried that he would soon have to leave for his mandatory military service.

"If I come back from National Duty, the baby will be two years old and everything will be a mess," he said.

As the police investigation drew to a close, he did offer to marry her.  But things got complicated when his father became involved. He insisted that Choi visit a specific doctor at a hospital of his choosing. An appointment must have been made for her because Key East insists that she did not keep her appointment and Choi has insisted that she had no intention of going.

Choi meanwhile was finding it difficult to forget the fact that Kim went on a trip with another woman. And she apparently knew the identity of the woman.

"I found clothes, a hair brush and other feminine products in his bag," she told Dispatch. "I packed them up and put them in my truck intending to forget everything. Then one day when I was in my car, I saw her things. I suddenly became upset and sent them all back to her."

That's when Choi decided that a relationship with Kim would not work. She says she will focus on her child.

"I won't ask him to be responsible and I have no plans to marry him," she said.

Kim Hyun Joong and Key East have not yet responded to the article.

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