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Are Actors And Idols Placed Under Unreasonable Pressure For Variety Shows?

BY Adrienne Stanley | Mar 07, 2015 06:08 PM EST


Asian entertainment is exemplified by the synergistic relationship between variety shows and the promotional activities of celebrities. Athletic events orchestrated for variety shows tend to push celebrities past their physical limits, resulting in injuries and psychological stress.

Athletic variety shows capture the competitive spirit of celebrities but often yield injuries. In February 2015, GOT7’s Jackson and EXO’s Tao were injured while filming the Lunar New Year special, “Idol Star Athletic Championships.” These idols sustained injuries to their ankles, which was fortunate when compared to a 12-year-old aspiring Japanese idol. In January 2015, an unnamed Japanese pop trainee was rendered unconscious and paralyzed after inhaling helium while filming a variety show.

When actors or idols do not sustain physical injury for variety shows, there are often emotional scars. The alleged altercation between former Rainbow member Yewon and actress Lee Tae Im on “My Tutor Friend,” is the latest example of the physically challenging aspects of variety shows. The circumstances surrounding the alleged conflict were revealed through a transcript published by Dispatch.

In the transcript, Lee expressed her frustration with her stagnant career, during a conversation with a 70-year-old female diver. The actress allegedly became enraged after Yewon asked her if she was cold, while she was diving in frigid waters. Her actions, which allegedly included cursing, may have been extreme. However, the situation between the two actresses reignited the on-going debate regarding the expectations of Korean celebrities and their participation on variety programs.

Dating and marriage simulation shows present different challenges. In the case of “We Got Married,” dating rumors surrounding Hong Jong Hyun led to the dismissal of the model-turned-actor and his partner, Kim Yura of Girl’s Day. The producers of “We Got Married” and its stars came under fire as each of the pairs were scrutinized over dating allegations for a variety show, where the stars are not actually married to one another.

Do you think variety shows present stars with unreasonable expectations?

Are Korean celebrities placed under unusual pressure for variety shows? Which variety shows are your favorite programs to watch?

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