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What's New on DramaFever YouTube? Here are 5 Videos You Should Check Out

BY Wen @ DramaFever | Mar 18, 2015 07:50 AM EDT


DramaFever Studios brings you awesome content created by fans, for fans! If you're into fashion, beauty, K-pop or are just a huge K-drama fan, we've got some amazing things to show you!

1. Two Girls Kiss in a K-Drama and The ChickenFever Challenge on K-Trend!

K-Trend is back and they're covering hot topics like Nickelodeon's new K-pop show and that unprecedented kiss between two girls in Detectives of Seonam Girls' High School. And you definitely don't want to miss their Chicken Commercial Re-enactment Challenge!  

2. Kim Woo Bin Transformation

Everyone is excited about The Technicians starring Kim Woo Bin, especially Feiii! Watch her as she creates her own Kim Woo Bin-led drama (just kidding) and then performs a magical transformation (with the help of makeup, of course) into that suave leading man right before your eyes!

3. Hang out with Kim Woo Bin LIVE!

Speaking of Kim Woo Bin, if you've ever wished you could hang out with him for an evening, now's your chance! To celebrate the release of his movie The Technicians on DramaFever, Kim Woo Bin wants to meet you, his fans, and answer your most burning questions. Everyone is invited to attend the hangout, and several lucky DramaFever Premium members will also have the chance to ask Kim Woo Bin questions personally! Watch this video for all the details:

4. Best Online Korean Makeup Stores

Have you always wanted to try Korean makeup and skincare products but have trouble navigating the sea of online stores out there? Don't worry, here are five great online Korean makeup stores recommended by none other than Janie!

5. Five Variety Stars Guaranteed to Make You Smile

There are just some entertainers (or adorable babies) who are so good at what they do that the moment they appear on your screens you know you're in for a great time. Join Jay as she lists the five variety stars that are guaranteed to make you smile.

Which of these videos did you like best? What else would you like to see from DramaFever Studios? Tell us in the comments below! And don't forget to check out DramaFever's YouTube for more awesome shows!

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