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Female Fan Suddenly Kisses Ha Jung Woo During A Guerrilla Date

BY Staff Reporter | Feb 10, 2013 12:04 PM EST


A fan unexpectedly kissed actor Ha Jung Woo on his cheeks and shocked him.

Actor Ha Jung Woo appeared on the episode of KBS 2TV program "Entertainment Weekly." As he was on a guerrilla date to meet fans up close and personal on the program.

As he was being interviewed, he received an unexpected kiss from a female fan and had an unforgettable experience on the streets.

The interviewer asked a fan, "tell Ha Jung Woo what you expect of him." The female fan said, "I wish that he would come out a lot in entertainment shows, and I wish that he would take a picture with me right now."

Ha Jung Woo was happy with the fans answer and took a self camera picture with her. Right at that moment, the female fan suddenly kissed him on his left cheek and made the other fans scream with envy.

Kim Tae Jin, the interviewer said, "I feel like you're really shocked right now." Ha Jung Woo said, "I'm actually not that shocked," and he laughed off what happened.

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