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Park Si Yeon Investigated for Propofol Usage

By Staff Writer | Feb 13, 2013 01:48 PM EST


Actress Park Si Yeon is being investigated by prosecutors for illegally using propofol.

The actress was called by the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office to testify about their usage of the substance.

Park Si Yeon follows actresses Lee Seung Yeon and Jang Mi In Ae who were called last month under the same charges, after cosmetic clinics in Gangnam were found to illegally have and distribute propofol which is a narcotic used to induce sleep or loss of consciousness. It's mostly used in anesthetics.

The prosecutors state that the actresses deliberately visit the cosmetic clinics to get prescribed with the drug also known as “milk of amnesia.” Apparently one of the accused actresses even forged her sister's name to get the drug.

After hearing the accusations, Park Si Yeon's agency EYAGI Entertainment, responded with the following, “When Park Si Yeon was filming for the movies Marine Boy‘ and ‘Dachimawa Lee” in 2008, she sustained an injury to her back. She tried to endured the pain with medicine, but after her doctor suggested surgery and the pain was unbearable, Park Si Yeon underwent surgery quietly because she didn’t want her imagine to be damaged. She even quit being a fixed member in the SBS show “Family Outing'”

They added, “after her surgery, she kept receiving treatment for the pain that her doctor prescribed for her. We didn’t know that profofol was used in her treatments. After revising the official documents, it was found that propofol was used. Park Si Yeon will faithfully testified to the prosecutors. The accusations of her intentionally used the drug are completely false.”

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