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Kim So Yeon Is Mentioned In Her Boyfriend's Lawsuit

BY Julie Jones | Apr 23, 2015 09:15 AM EDT


Kim So Yeon, who is currently playing Soon Jung in the heart transplant drama "Falling For Soon Jung," was recently mentioned in a lawsuit filed against a business venture run by her real-life boyfriend.

The boyfriend, named only in the lawsuit as "A," runs Puff Bar, an electronic cigarette business. According to a report in the Korean media outlet Dong-A, the people who filed the suit invested almost a million dollars in his business but are dissatisfied with their investment.

According to the lawsuit the plaintiffs invested in the business after being told the e-cig technology was a patented product. But they say they later learned that the products were important from China. The lawsuit claimed that the actress took part in the investment process and they were motivated to invest because she vouched for it. They claim she promoted it online. But Kim So Yeon has denied the accusations.

On April 22, the actress, who starred in "I Need Romance 3" and "Prosecutor Princess" was asked to attend a joint questioning session with the plaintiffs but did not attend due to the strict requirements of her filming schedule.

On April 23, her agency, Namoo Actors released a statement, calling the charges false and explaining her absence.

According to Namoo Actors, the actress does not know the plaintiffs at all.

"The only contact she ever had with them is when one of the plaintiffs asked 'A' to give the plaintiff's sister the actress' autograph for her nail shop opening, as well as a 10-second conversation with the plaintiff, who said he was a fan of hers and wanted to hear her voice," said the Namoo Actors statement. "That is all. Kim So Yeon has never done anything to the plaintiffs or anyone to deserve legal action or punishment."

According to the agency the plaintiffs are merely trying to win attention for their own cause and taking advantage of her popularity. The agency plans to file libel charges against the plaintiffs for slandering their client's name.

Namoo Actors also offered some information on Kim So Yeon's unidentified boyfriend, saying he was a childhood friend, who reunited with her at a recent event.

"They have been seeing each other ever since but they do not have any business relationships together."

The agency said that the actress was initially questioned by the police and denied the accusation. She saw no reason to interrupt her filming schedule to attend the second investigation, as she has denied knowing the plaintiffs.

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