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Kim Hyun Joong Court Date Postponed Again

BY Julie Jones | Feb 05, 2016 08:49 AM EST


The court date for Kim Hyun Joong's lawsuit against his ex-girlfriend has been postponed for the second time. The hearing was originally scheduled to take place on December 23 but then was postponed to February 3. It has been postponed again and will now take place on March 18.

The legal battle between them has been going on for almost two years now. It began in the summer of 2014 when Kim's ex, identified only as Choi, charged him with four instances of abuse. Kim denied all but one charge, which he said happened during their only physical fight. Three of the four charges of abuse were eventually dropped after Kim and Choi reached a financial settlement that forbade her from discussing the case. Kim paid a fine for the fourth charge.

The couple reunited briefly after the settlement, vacationed together and then broke up. In January 2015, Choi announced that she was pregnant with Kim's child.

The year 2015 saw three separate legal battles between the exes. In 2015 Choi filed new charges against Kim, claiming the fight he acknowledged caused her to miscarry a child she was expecting at the time. His legal team countered by saying there was no evidence she was ever pregnant in 2014.

The next battle was about paternity. Choi wanted Kim to take a paternity test for the child that she was carrying. Both agreed to the importance of the test but could not agree on where to take it. The court eventually assigned Kim a location.

Then Kim's legal team also filed a lawsuit against Choi. As her 2015 lawsuit broke the agreement Choi and Kim made in 2014, Kim sued her for defamation and reneging on the contract. Filing a lawsuit meant she was discussing the case, which she had said she would not do.

Paternity was eventually decided and acknowledged. A paternity test at Seoul National University College of Medicine confirmed that Kim was the father. Kim's lawyer Lee Jae Man told the Korean media outlet TV Daily that the actor would take full responsibility for his child, but he had no plans to drop the defamation suit against Choi.

"We've made it clear that Kim Hyun Joong will take responsibility of the child. We will do what the court tells us to do for the child's happiness and we hope the child doesn't get involved in this media circus. However, the case will continue for the sake of Kim Hyun Joong's image."

Kim is currently serving his two-year mandatory military duty.

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