Girl’s Day’s Minah and Kwon Hwa Woon Show Undying Love For Each Other in ‘Check The Event’

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(Photo : MBC)

On the 20th day of August, MBC's newest romantic comedy "Check The Event" (also known as "Please Check The Event") starring Girl's Day's Bang Minah (better known mononymously as Minah), "Mouse" actor Kwon Hwa Woon, and "Strong Woman Do Bong Soon" actor Ahn Woo Yeon.

The newly released stills displayed the undying love of Minah and Kwon Hwa Woon for each other.

Girl's Day's Minah and Kwon Hwa Woon Share One Dizzy Kiss in 'Check The Event'

MBC's special drama "Check The Event" filled the screen with the beautiful scenery of Jeju Island coupled with the refreshing and quirky couple Ha Song Yi and Park Do Kyeom, played by Girl's Day's Minah and Kwon Hwa Woon respectively.

'Check The Event' Actors Bang Minah and Kwon Hwa Woon
(Photo : MBC)
'Check The Event' Actors Bang Minah and Kwon Hwa Woon
(Photo : MBC)

Like many other relationships, the two characters' love for each other faced a lot of struggles and hardships, which sadly resulted in separation.

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In the newly released stills, Girl's Day's Minah and Kwon Hwa Woon shared a heart-fluttering kiss, which stole the viewers' attention and also made their hearts pound.

'Check The Event'
(Photo : MBC)

Interestingly, the published stills evidently shows their undying love for each other. As the two ex-lovers sit across each other, the love which remained after breaking up can still be felt.

'Check The Event'
(Photo : MBC)

The stills that captured the touching of the lips of the two people made viewers' heart rate increase with so much excitement and giddiness.

'Check The Event'
(Photo : MBC)

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The "Check The Event" production team shared that the kiss between Song Yi and Do Kyeom means a lot, "It will be a key scene where you can guess what each other's sincerity is even though they broke up. Please give a lot of love and support to Song Yi and Do Kyeom."

Fans and viewers' expectations are amplified as to what kind of change will happen between the two ex-lovers.

'Check The Event' Episode 2 Spoilers

In the drama's pilot episode, the changes in Ha Song Yi and Park Do Kyeom's relationship was clearly evident. During their trip, the two kept drawing lines for each other, making sure the other didn't cross it and making things awkward for the both of them.

After arriving on the stunning island of Jeju, hot-headed Song Yi drank with the gorgeous tour guide of the trip, Seo Ji Gang, who is played by actor Ahn Woo Yeon.

In the second episode's preview, Song Yi wakes up in Ji Gang's room with no memory of what happened the previous night. As she tries to scurry back to their room, she is caught red-handed by her ex-lover, Do Kyeom.

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The two men in Song Yi's lives ran into each other one moment, and the tension between the two is undeniably evident.

A potential love triangle is brewing in the heart of Jeju Island, heightening the excitement and anticipation of the viewers.

'Check The Event' Production and Release Date

MBC's special drama "Check The Event" starring Girl's Day's Minah, Kwon Hwa Woon, and Ahn Woo Yeon is directed by filmmakers Kim Ji Hoon and Lee Han Joon together with scriptwriter Kim Tae Joo.

The drama series is produced by Big Ocean Entertainment and Supermoon Pictures, and tells the story of two ex-lovers who pretended to be together again after twinning a couple's trip to Jeju Island.

'Check The Event' Main Poster
(Photo : MBC)

UP10TION's Lee Jin Hyuk, Nam Kyu Hee, Kim Young Sun, and Kim Hee Chang will also join the Jeju Island couples trip.

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"Check The Event" episode 2 is scheduled to air on Saturday, August 21, on MBC at 9:50 p.m. KST.

It will also be available for streaming in iQIYI.

Check out the "Check The Event" Episode 2 Preview here:

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