‘Blue Birthday’ Behind-The-Scenes Photos Capture Red Velvet Yeri’s Youthful Charms and Passion

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(Photo : SM)

Red Velvet's Yeri shows off her youthful and natural charms as well as her extreme passion for acting in the newly published "Blue Birthday" behind-the-scenes photos by SM Entertainment, Red Velvet and Yeri's agency, on the afternoon of August 24.

"Blue Birthday" is Playlist Originals' first mystery thriller romance drama series which stars PENTAGON member and "Move to Heaven" actor Hongseok, alongside Red Velvet member Yeri.

Red Velvet Yeri Shows Youthful Charms and Passion for Acting in 'Blue Birthday'

SM Entertainment, Red Velvet Yeri's agency, released exclusive behind-the-scenes photos of Yeri on the filming set of her new drama series "Blue Birthday" with PENTAGON's Hongseok.

In the new drama, Yeri plays the role of 28-year-old Oh Ha Rin who travels through time for her first love, Ji Seo Jun, played by Hongseok, who passed away on her 18th birthday.

Yeri captured the viewers and fans' attention for her portrayal of Oh Ha Rin, who is enveloped with intelligence, empathy, and courage.

Red Velvet's Yeri in 'Blue Birthday'
(Photo : Playlist Originals)

In the newly published photos, Yeri shows off her natural and youthful charms as happy teenager Oh Ha Rin. Her bright smile and refreshing visuals entice attention and viewers on the drama series.

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Even with breaks, Yeri sees to it that she fulfills her responsibility as a lead actress by concentrating and focusing on her acting performance as well as her script, anytime and anywhere.

Red Velvet's Yeri in 'Blue Birthday'
(Photo : SM)

Undoubtedly, Yeri proves that she not only owns the performance stage as a member of the A-lister girl group Red Velvet, but she can also conquer the small screen with her powerful and refreshing acting skills.

Red Velvet's Yeri in 'Blue Birthday'
(Photo : SM)

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On the other hand, Playlist Originals' original mystery drama series "Blue Birthday" continues to attract viewers and draw a rise in popularity and viewership ratings.

Yeri Promotes 'Queendom' With Red Velvet

The popular and brilliant South Korean girl group Red Velvet recently came back with a bang through its new album "Queendom" and lead single "Queendom" on August 16.

Yeri, who stars in the mystery drama "Blue Birthday", also promoted with her group Red Velvet while in the midst of filming her drama.

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The hard-working 23-year-old was lauded by fans and viewers, which only raised expectations and anticipation to her future works as a singer and actress.

'Blue Birthday' Production and Where To Watch It

Blue Birthday Still
(Photo : Playlist Studio's Instagram)
Red Velvet’s Yeri Displays Her Immersive Acting in Latest ‘Blue Birthday’ Trailer

"Blue Birthday" is a fantasy mystery romance drama written by screenwriters Goo So Yeon and Moon Won Young and directed by director Park Dan Hee.

It is produced by Playlist Originals, the studio behind the hit web dramas "A-TEEN" and "Love Playlist."

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The drama consists of 16 episodes and airs every Friday and Saturday at 7:00 p.m. KST.

"Blue Birthday" airs on Naver TV and Youtube for international audiences.

It is also available for streaming on WeTV.

Check out this melancholic "Blue Birthday" OST "On Rainy Days" sung by Heize:

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