Park Gyu Young On Chemistry With Kim Min Jae in ‘Dal Li and Gamjatang’ + Shares Reasons For Choosing The Drama

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"The Devil Judge" actress Park Gyu Young returns to the small screen with KBS2's newest romantic comedy "Dal Li and Gamjatang" with "Do You Like Brahms?" actor Kim Min Jae.

In an interview held on September 15, the actress revealed her reasons for choosing "Dal Li and Gamjatang" as her new drama project after appearing in "The Devil Judge".

She also shared her thoughts on her chemistry with fellow lead actor Kim Min Jae.

Park Gyu Young To Lead New Drama 'Dal Li and Gamjatang' Alongside Kim Min Jae

'Dal Li and Gamjatang' Stills
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Lead actor Park Gyu Young shared her thoughts on the drama "Dal Li and Gamjatang" as well as her working experience with her co-stars in an exclusive interview held days before its much-awaited premiere.

Park Gyu Young takes on the role of Kim Dal Li, an art museum director who was born to a well-off family. She possesses the ability to speak seven different languages including English, Japanese, Chinese, and French. However, she lives as a worm who doesn't know much, even the simplest things, about the world.

'Dal Li and Gamjatang' Stills
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When asked about her thoughts and the reason why she chose the new drama, she shared that she found the script fun and colorful, and there was no reason not to appear in it.

She also described her character, Kim Dal Li, with delight and adoration. The actress said, "She is fascinating. She looks soft on the outside but inside, she is a strong woman who is not easily shaken."

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'Dal Li and Gamjatang' Stills
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Park Gyu Young is highly praised for her looks in the new drama. She commented, "Dal Li's hairstyle started with the production team's idea. We wanted to express Dal Li's unique personality, so we put much effort in her hairstyle and clothes."

Her transformation and fashion attracted great attention among avid Korean drama viewers.

Park Gyu Young Shares Thoughts on Chemistry With Kim Min Jae

'Dal Li and Gamjatang' Stills
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One of the reasons why "Dal Li and Gamjatang" raises expectations is because of the unique and new combination of two experienced actors Park Gyu Young and Kim Min Jae.

The two will prove that opposites do attract through their new drama project together.

Park Gyu Young praises her co-star Kim Min Jae for his amazing acting ability. She said, "He showed a completely different charisma from his role in "Do You Like Brahms?". It's really nice to work with him because he sets the mood during filming. Though he is full of energy, he is still soft and warm."

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'Dal Li and Gamjatang' Stills
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In addition to that, the actress revealed the nickname of their on-screen relationship, "I like the name "The Truth Couple". It's simple and good."

Park Gyu Young Reveals The New Drama's Charms

According to the actress, the art that is incorporated in the drama is the charm of "Dal Li and Gamjatang".

Park Gyu Young also encouraged potential viewers to anticipate the new drama. She said with a warm smile, ""Dal Li and Gamjatang" will give you a healing time to laugh without worry. The director and production staff all worked together to create this masterpiece so please give us and the new drama lots of love and support."

'Dal Li and Gamjatang' Production and Further Details

'Dal Li and Gamjatang' Stills
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KBS2's newest drama "Dal Li and Gamjatang" is helmed by scriptwriters Son Eun Hye and Park Se Eun and director Lee Jung Seob.

Kwon Yul, Hwang Hee, MOMOLAND Yeonwoo, Hwang Bo Ra will join the two as the main cast of the show.

Jang Gwang, Woo Hee Jin, Ahn Gil Kang, and more will also appear in the drama, strengthening the cast.

"Dal Li and Gamjatang" is slated to premiere on September 22 on KBS2 at 9:30 p.m. KST.

ICYMI, here's the fun-filled teaser of "Dal Li and Gamjatang":

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