AOA Chanmi Workout Routine and Diet Tips 2021: Here’s How ‘Second Husband’ Actress Maintains Her Figure

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The "Heart Attack" singer and AOA member Chanmi received numerous vicious comments about her body ever since she debuted as an idol back in 2012. She has been the victim of the fans' body-shaming, and even getting compared to her group mates

Because of this, Chanmi used this as a motivation to better herself by changing her lifestyle, and focused more on dieting and working out.

AOA Chanmi's Struggles in Dieting, Reveals She Lost 7 Pounds in 5 Days

Being an idol, Chanmi sure had her fair share of struggles in limiting her food intake to stay fit for broadcasts.

Because of this, she pushed herself to her limits and tried to lose seven pounds in five days.

In one of her videos on her YouTube Channel "likeCHANMI", she revealed how she did it through a short-term diet plan.

Chanmi revealed her current weight of 52.7kg before doing the program. She shared, "When we're promoting, I try to keep to my weight at 48kg and when we're not, I try not to surpass 51kg." In this diet plan, she drinks six bottles of detox juice each day for five days straight. She also couples it with a two-hour cardio exercise. The diet has made her visit the restroom more often than she usually does. She lost five pounds and also made her skin look better.

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However, she shared her dissatisfaction with the diet plan. "I experienced nausea and headaches during the program. Even though I lost weight, I'm not happy at all." After the seventh day, she began eating her regular food with the detox juice and advised the viewers not to do the diet without consultation with their personal dietician.

AOA Chanmi's Secret To a Lean and Sexy Body: Lifting Weights and Pilates

AOA Chanmi didn't get a hot body and long legs overnight. With determination and hard work, Chanmi religiously hits the gym to exercise.

With a personal trainer in tow, Chanmi makes sure that she focuses on growing more muscles. During her free time, she goes to the gym to lift weights. It is something that the idol-actress loves to do which helps her a lot with maintaining her body.

AOA Chanmi
(Photo : AOA Chanmi Instagram)

At home, she sweats for 30 minutes to a maximum of one hour with cardio exercises. Chanmi also does pilates, a very popular method of exercise, to keep her body flexible. Pilates also helps her gain muscle strength and endurance.

AOA Chanmi's Healthy Diet Plan in 2021

With more knowledge about dieting and a disciplined mindset, Chanmi eats a balanced diet of delicious and healthy food.

She loves to prepare her own meals, rather than delivery food or store-bought meals. Paprika, onions, and other vegetables are her staple food.

Chanmi also eats a lot of white meat. Her favorite source of protein is boiled chicken breast and a cup of rice.

Every two months, she uses sweet potatoes or pumpkins as her carbohydrate substitute for rice.

Chanmi's favorite food and guilty pleasure is tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes), and when she binges on them, she makes sure she gives herself an extra workout afterwards rather than torturing herself by starvation.

AOA Chanmi
(Photo : AOA Chanmi Instagram)

Eating junk food is okay, as long as you know your limitations, she said.

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