GFriend Yerin and CIX Younghee Display Synergy in ‘The Witch Shop: Reopen’ First Script Reading

The Witch Shop: Reopen
GFriend Yerin
CIX Younghee
Kwon Ah Reum
Seo Jun
Kim Ye Rim
GFRIEND Yerin, CIX Younghee (Photo : B-PLAY)

Web content production company Bamboo Network released the first script readings on site photos for the new drama The Witch Shop: Reopen.

GFriend Yerin and CIX Younghee, who will lead the upcoming drama series, decorated the atmosphere with great synergy and lovely visuals.

GFriend Yerin and CIX Younghee Decorate Kdrama The Witch Shop: Reopen Script Reading with Great Synergy

On October 6, Bamboo Network held its first script reading for the forthcoming fantasy romance comedy Kdrama The Witch Shop: Reopen, in which main actors GFriend Yeri, CIX Younghee, Kwon Ah Reum, Seo Jun, Kim Ye Rim attended.

'The Witch Shop: Reopen'
(Photo : B-PLAY)
GFRIEND Yerin, CIX Younghee

Yerin and Younghee, as well as the rest of the main cast displayed great synergy that will surely hook the drama's potential viewers.

GFriend Yerin instantaneously immersed herself in her new role as Lee Hae Na, a cold and ruthless black witch who runs a magical witch shop.

'The Witch Shop: Reopen'
(Photo : B-PLAY)

In the first script reading, she showed her stable acting skills. Many were shocked and refused to believe that it was her first lead role as she perfectly synchronized with the girl crush black witch through utilizing her unique and confident personality.

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Opposite Younghee who takes on the role of Han Ji Ho, who boasts his diverse acting spectrum as a part-time worker at the witch shop.

Younghee raises expectations on his new acting role, as well as his refreshing and romantic chemistry with co-star Yerin.

'The Witch Shop: Reopen'
(Photo : B-PLAY)
CIX Younghee

On the other hand, Kwon Ah Reum plays the role of the high school student Yoo Eun Ha, who works at the sidelines as an influencer. She showed promising acting skills as she boasts beautiful visuals as a model for a brand that enters the witch shop.

Seo Jun plays the role of Woo Sang Ha, the president of the student council. He shows off his stunning presence as he transforms into a perfect man who has everything including a beautiful face, brain, and power.

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Finally, Kim Ye Rim takes on the role of Yeo Woo Ri, a designer for a brand that enters the witch shop.

'The Witch Shop: Reopen'
(Photo : B-PLAY)
Seo Jun, Kwon Ah Reum, Kim Ye Rim

Despite being a high school student, she creates and runs her own clothing and fashion brand. She shows her cynical yet refreshing acting, which heightens expectations.

In addition to that, Yoo Dong Guk, Lee Su Chan, and Kim Geun Muk also displayed their perfect synchronization as a part of the cast. The first script reading wrapped up successfully as the cast perfectly exchanged lines with each other, highlighting their characters' charms.

Kdrama The Witch Shop: Reopen Summary and Release Date

The forthcoming fantasy romance comedy series The Witch Shop: Reopen follows the contrasting story of a quiet and timid young man Ji Ho, who meets the interesting black witch Hae Na, who is struggling to keep her witch shop in business.

It is a spin-off drama of the successful web series Welcome to the Witch Shop, which surpassed 10 million views and received great feedback from the public.

The Witch Shop: Reopen is slated to air for the first time in December through the official Bamboo Network YouTube channel B-PLAY.

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