‘Squid Game’ Star Lee Jung Jae Reveals Honest Thoughts About Working in Hollywood

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Lee Jung Jae shared his honest thoughts about appearing in Hollywood after gaining insane worldwide fame due to the mega-hit Netflix K-series "Squid Game."

Although the actor has cemented his name in Korea's entertainment industry with his long list of top-rating drama and blockbuster movies, not to mention his accolade of achievements, it was the nine-episode thriller series that made him well known around the world.

Lee Jung Jae Says There's No Offer Yet in Hollywood

Lee Jung Jae
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In his exclusive interview with Variety, the award-winning star says Hollywood executives haven't reached out to him or his team regarding possible roles.

He shared that as of the moment, "no proposals or requests" have come his way.

It is safe to say that Tinseltown might regret it if they missed out on this South Korean gem, who is famous for his impressive acting skills.

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Lee Jung Jae's Thoughts on Hollywood

As the interview continues, he reveals his plan in case someone offers him new projects in Hollywood.

The "Chief of Staff" star says that he would be "happy to be in an overseas production" and thinks it would be fun if the right project came along.

However, despite this, it seems that Lee Jung Jae is not exactly waiting for a call from Tinseltown since he is also busy directing and starring in his own action drama film.

"I've decided that I'll only do one job at a time," he said to the publication adding that as of the moment, he "doesn't have any plans to do" projects in Hollywood.

However, "if a good opportunity presented itself," he is more than happy and open to it.

In the Netflix Kdrama "Squid Game," the six-time Baeksang Arts winner played the character of player number 456, Seong Gi Hun, a chauffeur Seong Gi Hun who has a ballooning debt and is still living with his mother after his wife divorced him.

What prompted him to join the game was to be with his daughter and prevent her from moving to the United States with her mom and stepfather.

Squid Game
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"Squid Game" featured a six-round competition of children's themed survival games. For the contestant to win the game, they must survive every round while losers and quitters will face their death.

However, the catch here is that only one player will win the grand prize of $38 million.

Lee Jung Jae Instagram Followers Hits More than 3 Million

In just a week after launching his own social media account, Lee Jung Jae's Instagram is now at 3.4 million and still counting.

(Photo : Lee Jung Jae Instagram)

He often posts behind-the-scenes during the "Squid Game" shoot as well as his upcoming projects.

Speaking of his life after the Netflix series, the award-winning actor has started filming for the action-packed movie "Hunt," where he is the director and, at the same time, the main character.

Lee Jung Jae works alongside the equally talented and celebrity close friend Jung Woo Sung and Jeon Hye Jin.

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