SF9 Chani Workout Routine 2021: Here’s How You Can Achieve ‘SKY Castle’ Actor’s Toned Biceps and Abs

SF9 Chani
Kang Chan Hee
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Kang Chan Hee, most professionally known as Chani, is a member of the talented and most handsome boy group SF9.

Without a doubt, the 22-year-old singer and actor is one of the hottest and young men in the entertainment industry.

Good looks, unrivaled rapping and dancing skills, and ripped body, Chani is second to none.

If you're curious as to how Chani achieved his toned body, stay tuned. Here's how!

SF9 Chani's Journey to Stardom

SF9 member and actor Chani first debuted as a member of the singing and acting boy group SF9, under FNC Entertainment.

The group also consists of famous singers and fellow actors Rowoon, Hwiyoung, Inseong, and Dawon.

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Chani first appeared in the small screen with a supporting role in the 2009 historical drama "Queen Seondeok". He appeared in the KBS drama "Three Brothers" in the same year.

After his brief appearances, he began acting as the younger version of many male leads. He participated in the dramas "Listen to My Heart," "To the Beautiful You," "The Innocent Man" and "Splendid Politics".

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In 2018, he received his breakthrough role in the JTBC hit drama "SKY Castle" and began receiving various offers for him to lead several dramas.

He also made cameo appearances in the dramas "Once Again," "True Beauty," "Must You Go?" and "Imitation".

Currently, Chani is leading the fantasy romance drama "Jinx" alongside fellow idol-actor Cosmic Girls Eunseo.

SF9 Chani Workout Routine 2021: Weightlifting and French Presses

Chani started his idol career at such a young age. He spent his childhood learning difficult choreographies and aimed for perfection. Because of this, he conditioned his body and toned it through vigorous training.

SF9 Chani
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Not only that but dancing also has a lot of benefits. Aside from burning calories, it also helps his muscles and bones to become stronger.

Chani also does basic exercises like running and biking for his cardio, and also stretching.

However, as he grew older, more difficult routines were added that he certainly enjoyed. Preferably, he loves exercising alone. But because of his members, he doesn't spend his time alone in the gym.

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To tone his biceps and triceps, Chani focuses on exercises that help him stablitize his core muscles like lifting weights, pull ups and bench presses.

For busy days, especially when he has schedules, "Jinx" actor sees to it that he starts his day doing breathing exercises and a quick 30-minute light exercise at the dorm.

Despite his busy days, he still doesn't neglect his body, health and well-being. Undoubtedly, Chani is one of the SF9 members and actors who has a great body that oozes a high sex appeal.

On the other hand, watch Chani on Kakao TV's "Jinx" here:

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