‘One the Woman’ Star Lee Honey Reveals She Stopped Her Vegan Lifestyle, Here’s Why

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"One the Woman" star Lee Honey, the representative vegan actress in the entertainment industry, surprisingly changed her lifestyle and beliefs.

'One the Woman' Star Lee Honey Quits the Vegan Life, Here's Why

"One the Woman" star Lee Honey, alongside co-star Lee Sang Yoon, appeared in MC Jaejae's talk show "MMTG" on YouTube.

Lee Honey has been receiving praises for her dedication to her vegan lifestyle. Not only that, she is also highly loved for her glowing skin, great physique, and self-discipline.

'One the Woman'
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Veganism is an active concept of not consuming products from animals, both meat and fish.

However, the 39-year-old actress and model shocked the public with her revelation in the show. According to Lee Honey, she now finally eats meat after 12 years of self-deprivation.

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She shared to MC Jaejae, "I used to think that I always had to be vegan to be able to live a healthy life. But I think I went overboard with it, and I wasn't getting the happiness I found in veganism from the get go."

"I haven't eaten meat for over 12 years but I do now. I missed the savory flavor and tenderness of it," she reveals with honesty, "It allowed me to be more flexible with what I eat, and it also gave me a new sense of freedom."

'One the Woman'
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She added, "Before, when I talked about health, people would mostly praise me for my body. But now I think I can still do it. I can still be healthy and fit despite my lifestyle changes."

Besides that, Lee Honey also shared her guilty pleasures and favorites when snacking, "I eat desserts regularly, but I try to lessen them. Sometimes, when I overeat, my physical condition is different."

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The model and actress is currently challenging herself with a two-character acting role, and one of the things she needs to execute her character well is her strength. Despite her lifestyle change, Lee Honey still guarantees a healthy life and great body condition.

'One the Woman' Episode 9 Release Date and Where to Watch

Lee Honey's "One the Woman" is now in its fifth week, finally entering the second half of the drama.

Things have drastically changed for Jo Yeon Joo (Lee Honey) as her secrets unraveled one by one. However, her upside down life gets better as she is surrounded by men, Han Seung Wook (Lee Sang Yoon) and Ahn Yu Jun (Lee Won Geun), who appreciate her and will do anything to protect her.

'One the Woman'
(Photo : SBS)
'One the Woman'
(Photo : SBS)

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"One the Woman" episode 9 has a lot in store for its viewers. The much awaited episode is slated to air on Friday, October 15 on SBS TV at 10:00 p.m. KST.

It is also available on Viu and Viki.
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