4 Female CEO-Themed Kdramas to Awaken Your Inner Girl Boss

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Gone are the days when K-dramas revolved around the Candy-type female leads, a.k.a the damsel in distress waiting for her charming prince.

Now, it's all about the strong female protagonist - from having a kick-ass profession to badass chick in action-packed series and, of course, females with high-powered careers like the lady boss of Kdramaland.

If you are looking for the life peg heroine, check out these 4 female CEO-themed Kdramas to binge-watch if you are looking for some inspirations in life.

Start-Up (Won In Jae)

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Kang Han Na / Start-Up

Played by the lovely Kang Ha Na, Won In Jae is the older sister of Bae Suzy's character, Seo Dal Mi.

The two used to be close when they were young but got separated after their parent's divorce. Won In Jae chose to live with her mother, who met a wealthy man who later became her stepdad.

In "Start-Up," she realized that being a second-generation chaebol is one of her weaknesses, given that she is living behind the shadow of her stepdad. To conquer this, she built a new company and created success on her own through her knowledge and business expertise.

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'Crash Landing on You' (Yoon Se Ri)

Son Ye-Jin Wore designer pieces in
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Son Ye-Jin Wore designer pieces in "Crash Landing on You"!

Another iconic boss lady-themed Kdrama is the mega-hit series" Crash Landing On You," featuring Son Ye Jin's character, Yoon Se Ri.

Due to Se Ri's issue with her family, she pushed herself to become successful on her own despite coming from a wealthy family.

She managed to launch her own fashion and beauty company known as Se Ri's choice.

'The Penthouse' (Cheon Seo Jin)

Penthouse 3
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Who wouldn't forget Cheon Seo Jin, the villain protagonist of "The Penthouse" trilogy played by the Baeksang Arts winner Kim So Yeon.

Apart from planning her bittersweet revenge, she is also a famous soprano, doting mother to Ha Eun Byeol (Choi Ye Bin) and the head of one of South Korea's prestigious campuses, Cheong-ah Arts School.

Amid her power, fame and success, her daughter serves as her weakness and would do anything for Eun Byeol.

'The World of the Married' (Ji Sun Woo)

The World of the Married
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After her four-year hiatus on the small screen, Kim Hee Ae returned with the smash hit Kdrama "The World of the Married," where she took on the role of a successful doctor and associate director, Ji Sun Woo.

From the looks of it, she seems to be living an almost perfect life, a skyrocketing career, a doting husband with their only son. Unfortunately, their lives changed when his husband met the young and beautiful Seo Da Kyung (Han So Hee).

Despite having a cheating husband, and his son blaming everything on her, Sun Woo remained poised and dealt with the situation in a classy way by ensuring that the people would get what they deserved.

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