Who is Kim Seon Ho’s Ex-Girlfriend? + 5 Things to Know About the ‘Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha’ Star’s Controversy

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The Hallyu world is hit by alarming news involving Kim Seon Ho in a massive controversy. 

The incident was amid the successful ending of the mega-hit Kdrama "Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha." It even prompted his co-stars Shin Min Ah and Lee Sang Yi to postpone their interview commemorating the tvN series' achievement. 

As Kim Seon Ho's controversy heats up with new revelations day by day, netizens and fans were curious about the alleged ex-girlfriend "A," who accused the rising star of forcing her to have an abortion and criticized him due to gaslighting issues. 

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Who Is Kim Seon Ho's Ex-Girlfriend?

Kim Seon Ho
(Photo : Kim Seon Ho Instagram Account)

In an online post shared in Nate Pann on October 17, a woman claimed that a certain "Actor K" persuaded her to get an abortion in 2020. 

After agreeing and being promised to marry her after two years, the star allegedly broke up with the woman. 

Interestingly, after the "Start-Up" star was identified by some personalities as "actor K," a media outlet revealed the identity of Kim Seon Ho's ex-girlfriend. 

According to SPOTV News, the woman previously worked in the broadcasting industry from the late 2000s to mid-2010s and was described as a beautiful and talented young career-woman. 

With her almost decade-long career, she transferred to the commerce industry and is reportedly active and has a name as a social media influencer. 

5 Essential Things to Know About Kim Seon Ho's Controversy

'Hometown Cha-cha-cha' Kim Seon Ho
(Photo : tvN)
Kim Seon Ho

The week started with the bang after fans were surprised to hear about the actor being criticized, which would surely damage his career. 

With that, here's a rundown of the gist regarding Kim Seon Ho's abortion controversy. 

'Actor K' and Ex-Girlfriend 'A'

As mentioned above, the news broke on October 17 after an online post titled "I am disclosing actor K's two-faced and shameless true nature" circulated on the internet. 

Based on the post, the woman and the celebrity, whom she named "actor K" dated for four months before she got pregnant.

Initially, she wanted to keep the baby but was convinced to terminate the pregnancy with a "false promise of marriage."

Moreover, the post also cited that the actor's reason behind this is his current projects and advertisements. 

Aside from this, the woman described actor K with a "tremendous obsession with money" and would sacrifice everything for success and fame. 

"I thought he would treat me differently, but even after we broke up, he was just busy filming commercials and had no apology or remorse," the ex-girlfriend says. 

Kim Seon Ho Identified as 'Actor K'

Following the speculation regarding "Actor K's" identity, reporter turned Youtuber Lee Jin Ho claimed that the controversial actor is none other than the "Start-Up" star, who is at the peak of his fame due to his top rating Kdramas. 

In one of his broadcasts, he shared that Kim Seon Ho's relationship status is currently on the rocks. 

"I knew Kim Seonho was in trouble with his ex-lover. The contents of the reports described by his ex-girlfriend match with various facts," said the Youtuber. 

Kim Seon Ho Agency Addresses the Rumors

Salt Entertainment then released an official statement addressing the issue involving the 35-year-old star. 

After two days, Kim Seon Ho's agency apologized for the delay in their position regarding the controversy. 

Furthermore, they revealed that the management is currently investigating the matter.

Lastly, Salt Entertainment concluded the statement by pleading with fans and netizens to give them more time and understanding as this issue has yet to be confirmed.

Brands Remove Kim Seon Ho from Advertisements

Due to the controversy, Kim Seon Ho was removed from Domino's Pizza and Canon Korea ads. 

'Start-Up' Star Kim Seon Ho Replaces Lee Min Ho, Song Joong Ki & Park Bo Gum as New 'Domino's Pizza Korea' Endorser
(Photo : Domino's Pizza Korea Twitter)
Kim Seon Ho / Domino's Pizza Korea

The company reportedly deleted or set to private his commercials or posts with the actor on their official social media accounts.

Did Kim Seon Ho Admit to the Accusation? 

After being hounded by scathing scandals, Kim Seon Ho released a statement airing his stance regarding the issue. 

In a statement, he apologized for his "carelessness and inconsiderate behavior."

The actor expressed his sincere apology "for disappointing everyone" who trusted and supported him through his journey as an actor. 

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