YouTuber Lee Jin Ho Gives More Hints About Kim Seon Ho’s Ongoing Issue + Answers Whether Salt Entertainment was Behind the Actor’s Controversy

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Lee Jin Ho, a former entertainment reporter who is also the first person who dropped Kim Seon Ho's name behind the blind item about "Actor K," released another video on his YouTube account and gave more hints on the ongoing controversies.

His newly uploaded video titled "Kim Seon Ho's apology...He was exposed because he tried to leave the agency?" immediately created a buzz on various online communities.

Lee Jin Ho Exposes that Some of 'A's' Statements Were Twisted

The YouTuber began his statement by saying that the "Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha" actor chose to apologize rather than give excuses or disprove the issue being thrown at him. Lee Jin Ho also said that it would be better if the real identity of Kim Seon Ho's ex-girlfriend was revealed in order to know the truth.

Former KBS Weather Forecaster Choi Young Ah Rumored as Kim Seon Ho’s Ex-Girlfriend
(Photo : Salt Entertainment's Official Instagram)
Former KBS Weather Forecaster Choi Young Ah Rumored as Kim Seon Ho’s Ex-Girlfriend

As he continued, the male YouTuber shared, "After my broadcast days ago, there were two issues that emerged. The first one is the suspicion that Kim Seon Ho's past lover is an escort in the show business" which Lee Jin Ho finds ridiculous.

Since the public received more updates about the "Actor K" allegations, the identity of "A" was partially exposed. Lee Jin Ho was surprised that the news would be revealed that fast. He also mentioned that he received lots of tips about "A" and he even personally called "A" to verify the contents posted online.

'Hometown Cha-cha-cha' Kim Seon Ho Stills
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However, Lee Jin Ho also said that there are divided opinions that "A" is a victim and speculated that some of the information released to the public by "A" was not true. He continued that there were some parts distorted from the released statement of "A."

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Is Salt Entertainment the Culprit Behind Kim Seon Ho's Allegations?

Meanwhile, the said YouTuber clarified rumors about Salt Entertainment being the mastermind of the controversies surrounding Kim Seon Ho. He explained, "Kim Seon Ho's contract with Salt Entertainment has not ended yet. The agency also stated that its their responsibility to manage and protect their artist's image"

'Hometown Cha-cha-cha' Actors Shin Min Ah and Kim Seon Ho
(Photo : tvN)

Lee Jin Ho added that as long as Kim Seon Ho is still in the company, the agency will be the one to worry about paying the fees for breaching contracts. With that being said, Jin Ho clarified that it doesn't make sense for a company to release such personal information to bring their own artist down.

Recently, there were rumors that Kim Seon Ho's exlusive contract with Salt Entertainment already ended last September, but the agency released a statement on October 19 saying that the expired contract of the actor was not true.

Watch Lee Jin Ho's Video Here!

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