‘Itaewon Class’ Star Kwon Nara Displays Timeless Beauty in New Drama ‘Bulgasal’ Stills

Kwon Nara
Lee Jin Wook
(Photo : tvN)
(Photo : tvN)

"Itaewon Class" star Kwon Nara showed off her timeless beauty in the newly released still cut photos from the forthcoming fantasy thriller romance drama "Bulgasal."

Kwon Nara Displays Timeless Beauty in New Drama 'Bulgasal' Stills

tvN's "Bulgasal" is a fantasy mystery drama that depicts the story of a woman who has reincarnated many times over the past 600 years. Despite it all, she still remembers all her past lives and an immortal man who has lived for over 600 years as a "bulgasal," a creature that feeds on fresh human blood.

In the drama, Kwon Nara plays the role of Min Sang Woon, a woman who reincarnated many times while fleeing from the "bulgasal". Despite her reincarnations, she still remembers all her memories from her past lives.

Kwon Nara in 'Bulgasal'
(Photo : tvN)

Min Sang Woon has lived repetitively for the past 600 years. The newly released stills capture Min Sang Woon's many faces.

She perfectly displays her emotions-from happiness, sadness to curiosity-raising questions about the memorable experiences, moments, and struggles she has faced throughout her long life.

Despite her bright smile, her eyes depict pain. At such a young age, Min Sang Woon lost her mother and sister to a tragic event, and as she lived, she continuously searched for a way to avenge her dead family.

Kwon Nara in 'Bulgasal'
(Photo : tvN)

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In the next still photo, Min Sang Woon stares at oblivion, sporting a complex emotion with a subtle hint of somberness. Her eyes are filled with tears, making potential viewers curious about what she's looking at.

Kwon Nara in 'Bulgasal'
(Photo : tvN)

The next photo shakens the hearts of prospective viewers as Min Sang Woon looks vigilant and alarmed at the same time.

Attention is focused as to what kind of secret Min Sang Woon keeps and the reason behind her limitless chances in life.

'Bulgasal' Production Team On Kwon Nara's Casting

The production team of tvN's "Bulgasal" teased the fans and potential viewers about Kwon Nara's acting performance, saying, "The actress will boast her amazing acting ability as she portrays various characters as a person who lives for over 600 years."

"Kwon Nara will also show off her bright and positive energy, as well as her deep emotional acting in the forthcoming drama," they continued.

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"Please look forward to seeing the unique story of Min Sang Woon, portrayed perfectly by Kwon Nara and her brilliant acting skills," the production team of "Bulgasal" finally concluded.

On the other hand, "Voice" actor Lee Jin Wook will act opposite Kwon Nara as Dan Hwal, a mythical creature called "bulgasal" that doesn't die nor age.

tvN's forthcoming fantasy mystery drama "Bulgasal" is slated to air on December 18 at 9:00 p.m. KST on tvN.

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