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Is It Too Soon For Park Shi Hoo's Comeback?

BY Joan MacDonald | Feb 27, 2014 12:57 PM EST


It has barely been a year since Park Shi Hoo's scandal sparked a long string of lawsuits and threatened to end his career. It looked as if the scandal might permanently damage the actor's career but that may not be the case. He is now reviewing the script for "Golden Cross" and considering a role that could serve as his drama comeback.

"Park Shi Hoo received the casting offer for the male lead role in the KBS drama 'Golden Cross' and is reviewing it," said a representative from his agency. Due to various adjustments that need to be made, it is too early to comment on his starring in that drama."

Whether or not the lingering effects of the scandal will affect the ratings of the drama, should he take the role, or not, it is significant that producers do not seem too concerned about taking a chance on casting him.

Park Shi Hoo played a department store chaebol in his last drama "Cheomdamdong Alice" and that drama earned decent ratings that averaged 12.5 percent. His career was doing well until a 22-year-old actress accused him of sexual assault last February. The actor claimed that their relations were consensual. Charges were filed against him. The actor then filed lawsuits against the actress and others he believed conspired with her to extort money from him and ruin his reputation. Eventually the actress withdrew her charges and all subsequent lawsuits were eventually dropped. Park Shi Hoo's agency denied that any settlement was made.

The major Korean networks, MBC, KBS and SBS did not ban the actor from appearing in their shows, which has happened to other celebrities in the past. For the rest of the year, the actor did not work. Some speculated that his reputation was too tarnished to ever get another drama role. As a result of the negative publicity his name was withdrawn from the Baeksang Drama Awards last year.

 "Golden Cross" is the story of a man who seeks revenge for the death of his sister. Kang Ji Hwan considered a role in the drama but decided to appear in "Big Man" with Daniel Choi and Lee Da Hee. Also up for roles in "Golden Cross" are Lee Shi Young, Jung Bo Suk, and Han Eun Jung. Yoo Hyun Mi, the writer of "Bridal Mask," has written the screenplay.

"Golden Cross" follows "Inspiring Generation" in April.

How do you feel about Park Shi Hoo's comeback? Is it too soon?

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