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Kim So Eun Denies Dating Son Ho Joon

BY Julie Jones | Feb 09, 2015 10:07 AM EST


Kim So Eun and Song Jae Rim may be the most popular couple in the history of "We Got Married" but their onscreen relationship could be in trouble.

Actress Kim So Eun, known for her roles in "Boys Over Flowers," and "The Liar Game," has been seen with actor Son Ho Joon, who is currently appearing on "Three Meals A Day - Fishing Village." He was last seen in the dramas "Trot Lovers" and "Full Sun."

The Korean news outlet The Fact photographed the actors together in Hanamdong and Gangnam, implying they were on a date. The two were also seen drinking together in Chungdamdong on February 7 and later went to Son Ho Joon's home.

Her agency, Fantagio, confirmed that the actors did spend time together but that they were merely friends spending time with other friends.

"We confirmed that after coming out of the restaurant, they moved to Son Ho Joon′s house to join their friends," said the Fantagio representative. "They were with many people at the time."

Dating is strongly discouraged by the producers of "We Got Married" and could lead to being dismissed from the show. Fantagio released a statement on February 9 insisting that the actress is not dating.

 "We've confirmed that the dating rumors between Kim So Eun and Son Ho Joon, which were reported today, are false."

Kim So Eun's agency said that the two originally met through a mutual friend at an official setting and became friends.

"More than getting close as a man and woman, they were in the middle of naturally growing their friendship as fellow actors when the dating rumors surfaced," said the Fantagio representative.

The agency said that Kim So Eun is well aware of her duties while filming the reality show and she was very careful meeting up with Son, which unfortunately led to a misunderstanding.

"We ask that no speculations and misunderstandings arise from this."

So far, the producers of "We Got Married" have chosen to believe Kim So Eun.

We Got Married" producer Sun Hye Yoon told the Korean media outlet Osen that the actress denied the relationship and they will accept that. If there were even the possibility that her actions might jeopardize the sincerity of the program, the show's producers would take the necessary action.

"Because she is very well aware of the damage that could be incurred by dating while on the show, I believe that she would not act rashly," said Sun.

The actors do have a scheduled shoot and it will proceed as planned.

It's not the first time that the show's producers have faced a dating scandal. In January, Hong Jung Hyun, who appears on another edition of "We Got Married," was involved in a dating scandal with After School's Nana. He was paired up with Girl's Day's Yura on the show. Hong Jung Hyun denied he was dating Nana and the show continued filming.

In 2013 Oh Yeon Seo was rumored to be dating fellow actor Lee Jang Woo while appearing on "We Got Married" with Lee Joon. She swore that she was not really dating Lee Jang Woo and apologized to Lee Joon for involving him in the scandal. Netizens were upset by what they perceived to be Oh Yeon Seo's betrayal and asked for her dismissal from the program.

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