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Shin So Yool Talks About the Struggles She Had With her Former Agency for 5 Years.

BY Staff Reporter | Jan 22, 2013 02:30 PM EST


Actress Shin So Yool opened up about the problems she had with her former agency.

On January 21st, the actress appeared in the new MBC show “Talk Club Actors” where she revealed she was scammed by an agency.

She said, “I dropped out of school to follow my dream of becoming an actress. I took the GED class, and started going to college.”

She continued, “I met with an agency, they treated me good, too care of me, and showed me a plan for the next five years, so I signed into the company without telling my parents. It turned out to be a scam, so I had to take care responsibility. I fought with them for five years. I paid for the autorney fees myself, by having different part-time jobs.”

She added, “However my mother could not bear to see me having such a hard time, and help me pid the rest of the money. I thought she got the money easily, but right after my problem, we moved houses, and that’s when I realized my mom sold the house for me.” She told her story while shedding some tears.

The actress recently singed with Family Actors Entertainment so hopefully this time around she will be treated right.

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