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“Yawang” Criticized Again For Using Leather on One of Its Characters.

BY Staff Reporter | Feb 08, 2013 03:59 PM EST

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SBS drama “Yawang,” is caught in controversy again for using fur and leather in Go Joon Hee.

Environmental organizations have speak up again the drama for carelessly forgetting that Go Joon Hee's character is an environmentalist.

In the drama Seok Soo Jung (Go Joon Hee) is an activist and environmentalist who, in the first episodes of the drama powerfully opposed to a building project that was going to demolish a mountain that was the living place of salamanders. She even went again the CEO of the company in charge of the building project.

However, the character's clothes do not match her morals and the cause she is fighting for. The character is seen using leather and fur clothes in the scenes before and after encounter with the CEO.

Many officials from different environmental organizations and even fans are saying that it makes absolutely no sense for her to fight for animal rights, when she uses clothes made of animals.

A Representative from the National Environmental Organization Council, commented, “It is wrong of the drama to allow this to happen. How can she wear mustang leather jackets? It is wrong of her to show this to the many public that are watching the drama.”

A representative from the drama said that they will be more careful, and will correct their mistakes.

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