Kim Hyun Joong's Legal Team Offers An Update

Kim Hyun Joong

The legal team representing actor and singer Kim Hyun Joong has released an update on the conflict between him and his ex-girlfriend, identified only as Choi.

His ex-girlfriend is claiming that an incident in which he physically assaulted her caused her to miscarry a pregnancy. She filed assault charges against him for that and three other incidents, dropping all charges after he apologized and made a financial settlement of over $500,000. He paid an additional fine when the one charge, which was documented, resulted in a court appearance. Kim Hyun Joong contends that they only had one mutual physical fight.

The couple reunited late in 2014, vacationed together, broke up, and Choi now says she is pregnant again. Choi is currently asking for $1 million for the emotional damage from the miscarriage and $600,000 for publicizing the previous settlement.

Kim Hyun Joong's legal team claimed that the actress did not provide sufficient evidence to prove that she was pregnant at the time of the assault or that she miscarried as a result of it.

On May 12, Kim Hyun Joong's lawyer Lee Jae Man told X Sports News, that a medical report Choi submitted was inconclusive.

"She doesn't have any evidence to prove that she was pregnant. We have requested that she provide us with a diagnosis confirming her pregnancy, but they have not responded to us."

A text exchanged between Choi and Kim does talk about a possible pregnancy.

"The only evidence of the pregnancy that they have revealed is the conversation between Choi and Kim Hyun Joong. But even this conversation appears to be fabricated by Choi."

On May 26, Lee Jae Man told Naver TV that he received a list of the gynecologists that Choi visited.

"We'll be looking over the records for pregnancy and miscarriage," said Lee. "We haven't been able to confirm which of the five hospitals gave her a diagnosis of pregnancy and miscarriage. We are waiting for the results."

Kim Hyun Joong's legal team stressed that the singer will take responsibility if the child is his.  

"But Choi has not giving us any proof that it is actually his child. We will be taking legal steps after confirming the truth in court."

Kim Hyun Jong is currently serving his 21-month mandatory military duty. His last acting role was in the drama "Inspiring Generation."

The dramatic story has attracted many netizen comments and a large percentage were negatively directed at Choi, who recently said she was planning to sue netizens that slandered her.

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