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Kim Hyun Joong May Counter-Sue His Ex-Girlfriend For Defamation Of Character

BY Adrienne Stanley | Jun 04, 2015 10:06 AM EDT


The legal team for Kim Hyun Joong released additional details from the proceedings which occurred on June 3.  According to a report published by Daily Sports, the 28-year-old actor and solo vocalist may allegedly counter-sue his former girlfriend, in an attempt to see justice for potentially slanderous claims. 

Representatives for Kim cited the impact of the allegations delivered by his ex-girlfriend. According to a report published by allkpop, the star is preparing a countersuit for defamation of character. The lawsuit, which could begin this month, could seek damages of over $1 million USD. 

He is currently serving in the military, but Kim continues to be embroiled in a legal dispute with his ex-girlfriend. On June 3, both sides began to prepare their cases. Kim is currently facing a lawsuit which is approximately $1.4 million USD for allegedly causing emotional damages and psychological distress with his unnamed ex-girlfriend.

Kim started facing legal woes in August 2014, when his former girlfriend filed domestic violence charges against the "Boys Over Flowers" star.  She claimed that he was responsible for causing injuries, which included a fractured rib. According to Kim's legal team, the woman who is referred to by Korean media as "A" or "Choi," has not provided sufficient evidence that substantiate her claims of domestic abuse.

Court reports published by allkpop, outline the discrepancies between the evidence that was submitted by the claimant. According to the report, "She said the bone fracture occurred on July 12, but she submitted an X-ray taken on August 12." 

Representatives for Kim countered that medical evidence completed did not fully implicate their client. His former girlfriend alleged that Kim physically assaulted her, causing injuries which led to a miscarriage. "If there were injuries to her abdomen, we should have seen photos of her abdomen," said a representative for his legal team. "We have only seen x-rays of her arms and legs."

His legal team described the atmosphere Kim faced before the alleged domestic abuse case was reported by news outlets. "Kim Hyung Joong didn't even have time to check [discrepencies] because he was afraid she would expose him to the media," said his legal representative. 

In an attempt to assuage the situation, Kim allegedly paid his ex-girlfriend a settlement of approximately $546,000 USD. 

According to the court report, Kim and the unnamed party continued to date until December 20, 2015. The release of their breakup date is significant, as it may provide evidence which would refute her current pregnancy claims. 

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