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'Section TV' Says It Is Not Lee Si Young In That Sex Tape

BY Julie Jones | Jul 06, 2015 10:35 AM EDT


The Korean TV program "Section TV" has weighed in on the sex tape scandal, which alleges the involvement of actress Lee Si Young.

A sex tape is currently circulating on the Internet that reportedly featured the actress, but she has denied that she ever filmed a sex tape.

When rumors first surfaced on social media they also said that J. Wide Company was behind the tape and was using the tape to blackmail her. The agency told the Korean media outlet Star News, that these rumors were absolutely false. Not only has she never made a sex tape but they are not trying to blackmail her. On the contrary, they are concerned about the tape's effect on her and will prosecute those spreading it to the full extent of the law.

The company's CEO Jeong Deok Gyun also spoke about the rumor to the media outlet Korea Times.

 "If there was a problem between us and Lee, how could she keep showing herself up on TV screens these days?" The agency also denied reports that the actress tried to commit suicide as a result of the sex tape scandal.

The tape continues to circulate despite her agency's warnings to the contrary.

"We will enforce the charges for having the footage go around despite our official statement," said a J. Wide representative.

When the tape was examined on "Section TV" the show's analysts found several reasons that the woman in the tape could not possibly be Lee Si Young. For a start the woman featured in the tape has a mole that Lee Si Young does not have.

"She's not the same person for many reasons," said the show's presenters.

Lee's attorney stated that even circulating such a tape was a criminal matter.

"Lee Si Young has been hurt in the most humiliating way a woman can be hurt. Whoever started this can receive up to seven years in prison and $50,000 in fines."

Charges have reportedly already been filed against the person who first started circulating the tape but the legal team will continue to pursue any other netizens who spread it.

Although Lee has been hurt by the scandal, she continues to show up on the set of her latest drama and to train for the Olympics. Lee currently plays a detective in the OCN suspense thriller "My Beautiful Bride." She is also an amateur boxer whose most recent boxing prize was winning the 48kg division at the 2012 Seoul Boxing Prematch/42nd Amateur Boxing Federation Tournament. She's currently training for Korea's national boxing team that will compete in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil.

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