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Kim Hyun Joong's Ex Offers No Evidence Of A Miscarriage, Says Legal Team

BY Julie Jones | Jul 15, 2015 08:07 AM EDT


The lawsuit filed by Kim Hyun Joong's ex-girlfriend continues. The ex-girlfriend, identified only as Choi is suing Kim Hyun Joong for psychological damages, alleging that she miscarried after he assaulted her last year.

In 2014 she filed four assault charges against the singer-actor and supplied evidence of one set of physical injuries. He denied three of them, admitting that they did have one physical fight. Choi eventually dropped all four charges after he apologized and paid her a financial settlement of $ 600,000. Kim Hyun Joong did have to go to court for the one charge in which she provided evidence. He was fined $5,000.

Choi did not publicly mention a miscarriage when she filed charged against Kim in 2014.  But in 2015 she sued the singer-actor for $1,425,000.

Kim Hyun Joong's legal team requested records from the clinics that Choi visited after her injuries. Five clinics submitted medical records to the legal team.

Not one of the reports showed any signs of pregnancy, said Kim Hyun Joong's attorney Lee Jae Man.

According to a Korean media outlet Star News, ultrasounds at the time that the injuries were documented do not show any signs of pregnancy. Choi received an ultrasound on May 20 of 2014 and another examination on June 13, 2014 at the clinic designated as "A."

"Ms. Choi claimed that she received treatment following her miscarriage from the 'A' OB/GYN, but there is no record of it at all," said Lee Jae Man.

She visited an orthopedic clinic designed as "B" on May 31, 2014, saying that someone hit her and then later told a doctor at the same clinic that she bumped into an exercise machine. In August 2014 she visited both 'B' and 'C' clinics on the same day. She told doctors at the 'C' clinic that someone hit her.

After Choi dropped the assault charges in 2014, the couple briefly reunited. They vacationed together before breaking up in December 2014. In January Choi announced that she was pregnant. She is expecting a child in September 2015, which Kim Hyun Joong has said he will be responsible for.

But he is also taking action against Choi because of the damage her allegations have done to his career. On July 11 Kim Hyun Joong filed charges against Choi for defamation of character. According to Yonhap News, he is suing her for approximately $1 million.

The next trial date in the lawsuit filed against him is July 22. Kim Hyun Joong is currently serving his mandatory military duty.

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