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Kim Hyun Joong's Legal Team Says His Ex's Texts Are Lies

BY Julie Jones | Aug 04, 2015 09:52 AM EDT


Kim Hyun Joong's legal team has responded to the thousands of texts released to the media on July 31 by his ex-girlfriend, identified only as Choi.

The texts were exchanged between Choi and the "Inspiring Generation" star. But the singer-actor's lawyer, Lee Jae Man, claims that the text messages are not entirely true. Some, he says, are based on outright lies, while some of Kim's other statements are taken out of context, and, as a result, make Kim look bad.

According to statements made by Lee Jae Man reported in Nate News, the pregnancy, abuse and miscarriage claims are made up.

He also said that the text messages were framed in a way that is not flattering to Kim Hyun Joong. To understand the comments they really have to be seen in the context of the entire conversation.

Some comments, Lee said, were also made in a joking way, based on jokes previously shared during the former couple's relationship. According to Lee, Kim Hyun Joong did not say them in an insulting way.

"This conversation is very common for a couple," said Lee. "Rationally judging this conversation will make it seem much better, but interpreting it in the bad way can make several people go down."

A few text messages, he alleges, were about someone else.

Choi also claimed that Kim Hyun Joong assaulted her when she and a friend found him in bed with a naked female celebrity.

Lee said that although Choi knew the key code to Kim's house, on that day she found the door locked and broke in. Kim only pushed her out, so that should not be considered abuse.

Choi has denied that she altered the contents of her text messages.

 "There's word that I messed with the original content but they are recoveries from my previous cell phone. It has been authenticated and is presentable for court."

Choi filed four charges of assault against Kim in August 2014. She withdrew three of the charges. It was later learned that she accepted a $500,000 settlement for her silence. By the time she filed her assault charges in August 2014, his legal team claims she had already received $100,000 in medical fees from Kim.

She is currently suing him for over $1 million, claiming psychological damage from a miscarriage she suffered as a result of his 2014 assault. She has not yet presented evidence to substantiate the claim of a miscarriage.

According to Lee, the $500,000 payment that Choi asked for could be considered extortion. Kim Hyun Joong is counter-suing Choi for $1,000,000, which includes returning the $500,000 previously given to her and another $500,000 for breaking the agreement.

After the assault charges were dropped, Choi and Kim reunited after the incident and vacationed together. They broke up again. In January, she announced that she was pregnant. That child is expected in September 2015. Kim is currently serving his two-year mandatory military duty.

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